Sunday, May 20, 2007

10 quirks

I was tagged a week ago by Julie and I'm just now posting. Partly because I have been crazy busy and partly I had to think about my oddities. Get ready, I'm letting you in on some things that maybe shouldn't be shared:

Quirks about me
1. I sleep with 3 pillows. No more, no less.
2. I am a neat freak. I like things nice and tidy. It doesn't have to be deeply organized or even clutter free. Just tidy and nothing on the floor. If there's things on the counter or desk, it needs to be in nice neat piles. my kids do not share this obsession. However, Abby is a great cleaner and enjoys helping me which is nice.
3. I can't sleep if anything is near my nose. I sleep on the edge of my pillow so I can breath. I sleep with the covers all the way up to my neck but never touching my face. I also can't have my hair touching my face or ears when I sleep. I have to have it fanned out on the pillow and tucked behind my ear. ( I am a side sleeper) I also can't sleep with anything in my hair. Rubber band, clip etc.
4. I hate taking time to go to the bathroom. I can hold it forever!
5. I love white furniture. So crisp and clean. Most of my furniture has been painted white. Except for my parents antiques. I don't quite have the courage. Maybe someday!
6. I am a procrastinator. I hate paying the bills, calling my prescriptions in, making appointments, getting a babysitter, calling people back. I'm the worst!
7. I love having kids over at my house. The more the merrier! I don't mind a bit if you ask me to watch your kids. I enjoy the happiness of playing children. I also enjoy the peace and quite when everyone goes home. It's a nice contrast.
8. My arms don't go straight and my fingers don't bend. I don't notice it but the other day I was watching Abby call someone over and she was only using her last two fingers (which is what I do). I thought this was funny. You teach by example and I guess my example is a little quirky!
9. I would much rather be hot than cold.
10. I love old books, pieces of furniture with history, antique white pitchers and old silver. I love all things that have a story.

There's my 10 quirks. If you're reading this tag you're it! Let me know when you post your quirks. I would love to see if anyone is more quirky than ME!!!!


Brooke said...

I knew a few of your little quirks but learned a lot of new ones. It was fun learning more about you!

Crazymamaof6 said...

interesting ! about your hands and your daughter copying you! so cute! I am totally the same about tons of stuff! except the kids at your house, i'm fine with my own, and some cousins too but thats all i can handle. i guess it depends on the kids. Very fun! i'm so glad you did the challenge!

Lindsey said...

I am the same way with the covers and no matter how hot it is I have to have a sheet and a blanket. I usually have all the covers and my husband has nothing.