Friday, May 18, 2007

busy week

This has turned out to be a crazy week. I thought it was going to be all care-free and breezy. Nope, it never turns out that way does it! Monday was our trial at Abacus. It didn't go well. Cassidy didn't cooperate and we both got yelled at. I guess this is normal, the teacher is strict. Getting yelled at is not one of my favorite past times mind you. Cassidy of course was humiliated and I was mortified. We had "words" in the car on the way home and she lost all privileges for the rest of the day. Surprisingly she was very obedient. She cleaned her room - fast, did her homework for school and abacus and unloaded the dishwasher without a peep. I was proud of her even if I was disappointed in her. She's a good girl. The next day we went back to abacus and she did great! She listened, asked questions with a somewhat load voice, sat up straight and seemed interested in learning this new way of math. I'll have to tell you all about abacus another time. It's unreal! Really! What these kids can do......WOW!!!!

Abby had her last day of pre-school Tuesday and Garrett's birthday party on Wednesday. Then an end of the year party for pre-school on Thursday. That girl has a busier party schedule than I do! She's 3 for heavens sake! I guess I would have to say that is my fault huh?
Last night I was at the school helping Cassidy's teacher pack up her room. (I felt like a teachers pet) She is going to the new school and has to have everything ready next week. They are having the 6th grade boys do the moving. Isn't that funny! (Half of the school/teachers are moving to a brand new school) I told her they can't be worse than the EQ. She thought that was pretty funny! No offense EQ.

I am so excited to be making the most awesome teacher gift thanks to Kristy! She is brilliant and I am totally stealing her idea (with her blessings)! I will have to post the end result as soon as I finish making it. Here's a link to her site if you want a great idea. I'm also doing the gumballs. So cute!

Some cute things my kids did this week:
1. Abby made flower cookies all by herself with a skewer, gumdrops and Mothers Sugar cookies shaped like a flower. I showed her how to do it and she made 20 of them! She's getting so big.
2. Cassidy is getting so brave. She really overcame that abacus fiasco without much drama. I'm very proud of her.
3. Abby re-learned how to swim. I love watching her flail every possible body part while she is under the water. Nothing could be cutier than that! Plus she wears these huge goggles which make her look like a little frog. (grin)
4. Cassidy climbed into bed with Abby this morning and they played until I woke up. (8am - oops) I love it when they are nice to each other and friends. I hope they will be best friends some day. Right now the age gap is too great. Pretty soon it won't be and it will be heaven!
5. Abby is my little shadow and I love, love, love it! She cooks with me, cleans with me, helps me do pretty much whatever. I hope that never stops.

I love how my girls are growing and changing. It's fun to see who they are becoming.

If you don't like something change it;

if you can't change it,

change the way you think about it.

Mary Engelbreit


Brooke said...

Sound like you did have a fun and very busy week!

onehm said...

Fun, busy and tons of creativity. Love the teacher ideas, I am going to have to steal the gumballs this year and the other one next...