Saturday, May 12, 2007

Tribute to my Mothers

I wanted to dedicate this post to my mothers. I am lucky enough to have four of them.

My Mother -
I wasn't the easiest child to raise and I'm sure most of her gray hairs came from me, but without a doubt I knew she loved me. She would drop what ever she was doing to help me if I asked. We had a lot of fun sewing, painting, crafting, driving around looking at houses in fun neighborhoods and shopping. She never judged me, even when I should have been. She loved my girls - more than me I think! (wink) She was the best grandma anyone could wish for! I hope my girls don't forget her. She loved the Lord and the gospel. I knew her faith was strong and would tap into it when mine wasn't. She taught me to be confidant, self reliant, strong willed, positive, and spoiled. I'm thankful I have her as my Mother, forever.

My Mother in Law -
This woman is a wonderful example of righteousness. She is loving, kind and giving. She too will drop whatever she is doing to help me when needed. I know I can always call her in times of need - good or bad and she will be there for me. She raised a Prince that I am lucky to call my own. She's a good example and a wonderful Grandma. My girls are lucky to have her and so am I.

Now, the next two Mothers are extra special to me because without them I wouldn't be a Mother. They are Cassidy and Amberly's Birth Mothers.

Without these special Mothers who did the ultimate unselfish thing, I wouldn't have my babies. I wouldn't have the life I have now. How do I convey my love for these two women who made me whole? Who gives me a gift each and every day the moment my girls wake in the morning?

I am lucky enough to be able to talk and have a friendship with Amberly's Birth Mother. I love her. I think of her each time Abby does some crazy thing, or makes a silly face or throws a huge fit. She's a part of me and I hope she knows how grateful I am for her.

Tonight I was talking to Cassidy and I told her how special she was. She said "why am I so special?" I said, "because, you are the one that made me a Mother." I told her "before you came along, I was just a girl and Dad was just a boy and you gave us a special gift that no one else could have." I'm not sure if she grasped that concept but it's true. Without them, I would be just a girl. They are what I wake up for. What I live for, what I have dreamed about my whole life. I thought I wouldn't have any children. I was not o.k. with that. I have always, since I can remember, wanted to be a Mother. Yes, I was the one that would say, " when I grow up I want to be a Mother!" I'm so blessed to be able to have these beautiful girls in my life. They are my everything!

Here are some wonderful quotes:
1. However motherhood comes to you, it's a miracle. Valerie Harper Adoptive parent

2. "A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials, heavy and sudden, fall upon us when adversity takes the place of prosperity when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine, desert us when troubles thicken around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts."--Washington Irving

3. You don't appreciate your mother until you're a mother yourself." Catherine Pulsifer

4. "Mother - that was the bank where we deposited all our hurts and worries." T. DeWitt Talmage

5. "A grandmother is a mother who has a second chance." Author Unknown


Brooke said...

You totally had me starting to tear up! I loved everything you said and the great quotes. You are a wonderful example to me of what a Mother is. Thank you again for coming and helping with Kelsey's party.

Lizzy said...

You can tell you are a wonderful mother just by how your girls look at you. I really liked this post-so beautiful!

Lindsey said...

Wow that is so sweet. I love the quotes.

Lindsey said...

Wow that is so sweet. I love the quotes.

Crazymamaof6 said...

That is so sweet! and wonderful! i always wanted to be a mother too! We are so alike! Loved this blog and the thoughts and sentiments!

onehm said...

Love these thoughts. And I totally share the love you have for your daughter's birth mothers...they give us such wonderful gifts...