Friday, June 29, 2007

Oh What A Day!

It's 9:32 and everyone is asleep - even Tom.
This has been a long day.
It started out with Cassidy getting up at 6:30am (so not the norm) getting ready and then waking me up asking when the kids were coming.
We watched two cute kids from church today to help out the Mom who's on bed rest. Poor thing!
"Not till 8:30, now go back to bed!" I said.
I'm not sure what she did but when I woke up at 8am ish she was asleep on my bed with me and there was also a bed on the floor she had made.
So from 8am until they came at 9:30 she must have asked me 5000 times when they were coming! AAHHHH!!!!!!!
I mean I'm glad for her excitement and all but come on!
I realized this morning that IF we were to add another baby into this family it would not be Tom's baby like Cassidy was, nor would it be my baby like Abby was........It would be Cassidy's baby!!! She loves babies SO much! Truth be told I hardly got to enjoy the little cutie today because Cass hogged her the whole time. I shouldn't complain, both Cass and baby were happy little clams!

Anyway, the day went smoothly, not much fighting, lots of playing, snacking and movie watching. That is until the kids left at 4:30pm.
I'm not sure what happened but my girls got so ornery! Cass wouldn't practice the piano, Abby started throwing fits, blah, blah, blah!
As soon as Tom came home I left! I hardly ever feel the need to vacate but tonight was one of those nights.
I needed a little breathing room.
I needed to not feel like I was being pecked to death by my little chickens.
They can be so demanding and NEEDY sometimes.
Well ALL the time but MOST of the time I can deal.
I went with Mindy and got my toes done.
They are so cute! We got the same color - That's Berry Darling (I think that was the name)
I came home to my house a mess, my kids eating sugar cereal for dinner and Tom asleep on the couch. Nice!
I decided to put my newly acquired calm self to work and painted the girls toes and fingers, get them off to dreamland, clean up the kitchen, eat a healthy choice dinner (that was gross BTW) and blog.
So there you have it. I not so uplifting, positive post. Sometimes that's just how it is.
The good thing is I know I have a nice group of fellow bloggers that read this that have had days like this and won't judge me. I also know that tomorrow is a new day and this one will be over soon. Thank heavens for that!
I'm off to bed so tomorrow will come sooner! Night!


Crazymamaof6 said...

you seemed very composed and didn't mention yelling like a nut or screaming at the family, and you gave service! YOU are a saint in my book!
yay, on the pedicure. seems like lots of us are having an exciting night in blogging!

and you have to remember, if you added a new baby to the family, Cassidy has to go to school, and the baby would be yours all day! and then you would have help after school! pretty great!

Lindsey said...

i gotta agree with CJ, i would have been screaming and then left (but felt super guilty)and I probably would have been more mad when I got home to see my clean house a mess and my husband asleep.

Lizzy said...

Yep, had many days like that!

Webb Family said...

You are so great to watch other kiddos!! And, you really need to get another baby if it's been this long and you are still thinking about it! Is Tom up for it? And, yes it would be Cassidy's baby but think of all the help you would get! Good for you for getting some girl time away from the little ones!! I had so much fun at your party the other night, thanks!