Thursday, June 28, 2007

to bed or not to bed..................

Tonight Abby came into the office while I was on the computer and said:

"Mom, I want to go to bed now."

It's 7:09pm.
She always wants to go to bed between 6-7pm.
Usually I have to tell her "no" because then she will wake up at 6-7AM.
And that's just not going to work for me!
Her regular bedtime is 8pm

So I told her, "OK, go brush your teeth and go potty."

She HAS had a long day, and she DID go to bed late last night.
Then she saw the coloring she had left out earlier and said,

"I'm not tired anymore Mom."

And promptly sat down and started finishing her coloring.
This girl definitely knows what she wants!


idahohubers said...

Cara - I love looking through your blog so I'm glad you found mine too. I never pictured myself as a blogger, but now I'm hooked. yes, if you know any good photography sites send them my way.

onehm said...

That table and chairs is adorable...and the little cutie sitting there is too!

Lizzy said...

Every time i see her i just want to kiss that little face. She is soooooo cute!

Crazymamaof6 said...

cutie! I am a fan of early to bed kids, but i like late sleepers better! cute table, is that in your office? smart call if so!

Jennifer said...

I am so excited to go through all of your links! I love so many of these things that YOU love! Do you do photo classes locally? I WANT TO DO THAT!

I love how much your girls are like you... Abby looks like you!

Webb Family said...

it's so nice to have kiddos that pretty much put themselves to bed. what a cutie!!