Monday, July 2, 2007

weekend re-cap

Saturday we went to help Tom's sister (who is hugely prego plant some flowers in her front bed. On the way there we were planning our day and Tom said "lets get Abby's ears pierced!" His reasoning, Cassidy hated her earrings and he wanted to get Abby's done before she got old enough to make her own decision or have an opinion! While at his sisters we talked her into getting her daughters ears pierced too! (Abby and London are 5 months apart) So off we went to the mall ( I was a scary site- in my bathing suit & cover-up, no makeup hair in a ponytail yikes!) Both girls did........GREAT!!! Abby didn't even cry!!!!! Not a flinch!!!! This girl is tough!!! London did cry but only for about 2 min. Wow! They LOVE their new pink daisy earrings. Glad we did it! (I'll be posting the rest of the pictures on smugmug if you want to see)
After the mall I headed over to a baby shower then came home and went to Old Navy with the fam. All summer clothes were on clearance. Can you believe they are stocking for fall when it's 117 outside? I will never understand! I did love getting Cass some new school/summer clothes that were $7 or less. SCORE!!!

Sunday was "make your own pizza day." We usually have sandwiches after church then dinner after our naps. But I stayed home from Church sick so I made pizza dough and sauce - from scratch while they were gone. (never done that before) When they came home they were so excited. It was such a hit that Sundays are "now make your own pizza day!" Let me know if you want the recipe for crust and sauce, it was yummy.
We of course took naps (Tom and I) while the kids watched a movie and ate cereal. I don't know what the deal is but they eat cereal for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner....ok I'm exaggerating but they LOVE cereal! All in all it was a great weekend!

Monday was cleaning, piano, math homework, swimming with Christi and Brooke, lots of laundry, Hawaiian haystacks for dinner and water & ice for ice cream. I actually got ready for the day (after swimming) with hair and makeup and even jewelry! It's a miracle! I haven't done that in weeks - it seems. Boy I feel much better about myself when I actually look nice. When all I do is swim w/ the kids and it's so hot outside, who wants to blow dry their hair and then put makeup on??? I guess me because I haven't for a while! Hee!!!!

There's the re-cap. Busy, fun weekend with the family.


Webb Family said...

i love getting to hear all the fun things you guys have been up to. and, thanks for having us over we had a fun time! i would love the to make pizzas mike usually does that but hasn't in along time.

Crazymamaof6 said...

wow! yummy! and yay for Abby!She got her ears pierced! big girl! love earrings, on little girls!