Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kettle Corn

I thought I would post this recipe since it was such a hit yesterday!

I made mine on the stove with my popcorn maker - the one where you turn the handle as the corn is popping. See it here . Anyway it makes the BEST POPCORN. Once you've had popcorn this way you won't be able to eat microwave popcorn again. And this is so much cheaper! Tom makes popcorn almost every night in this thing.
When I was little my Mom would make popcorn and serve it to us in a BIG bowl with sliced apples. To this day I have to have apples with my popcorn. It helps the dry popcorn taste better with some juicy apples!

So here's a new twist to an old favorite on a rainy summer day!
Kettle Corn
1/3 cup unpopped popcorn
4 Tbls. sugar (only 64 calories)
4 Tbls. canola oil (any oil will do)
Pour all ing. into popper.
Stir constantly until popcorn is just finished popping.
Quickly empty pan of popcorn onto a cookie sheet to cool.
It will be VERY hot!
Salt to taste.
p.s. if you are wanting one of those popcorn makers.....don't pay $29.99. Look at Ross, marshals, or target. I actually got my 1st one at a garage sale for $1.00 and it's still poppin' corn! I have two because it's such a necessity at our house.


Lindsey said...

Yum!!! I love kettlecorn like that.

Crazymamaof6 said...

we have that pop corn popper! shocking but it is new in it's box! can't wait to get some unpopped popcorn and try this out! fancy!

Webb Family said...

Yummy!! I love your popcorn.

THE Bridesmaid said...

You are a serious blogger! I love your blog, its darling. Look at you saying you aren't computer saavy and yet you have all sorts of things on here!

idahohubers said...

Cara - Jake loves kettle corn and says "stove popped" is the best - So we will be trying out your recipe!

onehm said...

We'll have to try it!

******My name is Kim****** said...

Cara.. Your my hero. I love looking at your blog. Mine is soo behind. I will try to udate it soon. So much has happened. I love you.

paige said...

i haven't made a comment for a while ok i want this yummy kettle corn right now! it will be something i might try, lets hope i'm not screaming by the end.

Webb Family said...

YA!!! You did it your brother is awesome!

Lindsey said...

your background is sooooo cute!! where did you get the papers?

Lizzy said...

Looks sooooooooooooooooooo cute!!! Was that info helpful?