Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Today has, can I say been wonderful? My kids are outside right this very minute at 1:14pm playing, and it's not too hot! They have the hose and a skateboard and some kids from across the street and they are loving life! So am I to be honest.

Yesterday and today the weather has been bearable and actually pleasant. Yes, I am saying pleasant. Last night there was even a nice cooler (I mean cooler because it didn't feel like a hot blow dryer on high!)) breeze that was blowing and the pinks and purples, that was amazing. I wanted to stay outside all night!

The girls had their friends over yesterday (Jane and Jill are back....yea, yea and triple yea!) and they played all day outside, and not in the pool. Good ol' fashioned play, where you have to make up games and giggle and do all kinds of who knows what. That's my kind of fun for my girls. Fresh air, sunshine and friends to play with! I even tracked down a recipe for kettle corn and made two batches. It was a hit. Yum!

Here's the kids from yesterday making cards with a bunch of stickers I found in one of my Mom's boxes of stuff I had brought home. They sure had a lot of fun!

Today, so far I have not gotten much done. I have my list but I haven't actually looked at it this morning. And for lunch? Well this is what I made. Isn't that what every kids wants for lunch?

I got the recipe for these yummy cookies here: Just recipes
I guess I should go make the girls and I something a little more substantial for lunch. I'm glad that these last two days have been MUCH better than Monday!


Webb Family said...

How fun that your girls friends are back in town! Those cookies look so yummy!! I'm glad you are having a better day & this weather has been wonderful.

Tiffany said...

Cara, you are SUCH a cute mom! I'm totally with you on creative play and fresh air and sunshine... and you really seem to know how to bring it out in your kids!

Tiffany said...
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Crazymamaof6 said...

woohoo! love the outside playtime too! super impressive on the baking and popcorn recipe! we have that same popcorn maker, new in the box! we need to get regular popping corn and we'll check out your recipe! you are the nicest mom ever! doing all you do and having friends to play! you rock!

Lindsey said...

I am definitely missing the outside play time.

It sounds like you guys had fun