Sunday, August 19, 2007

Eclipse Book Signing

Saturday at 2pm we were in Tempe waiting for Stephenie Meyer to come onstage and talk about the book Eclipse. We had no idea what to expect but we were excited and happy that Monica's brilliance paid off and got us tickets.

The owner of Changing Hands Bookstore came onstage and told a little about Changing Hands (it got the award- #1 bookstore in the country 2007) and did a lead into Stephenie Meyer. We all know the story.....she was a Mom, she had a dream, she wrote a book....WA-LA she's now a big time best selling author.

Anyway, she came out and stood at the podium and told us that we all know about her, what she wanted to do was answer some questions. So there were two mikes down on the floor that people took turns asking those questions. Some were good, some were bad, and one girl was a little loopy and we had no idea what she was talking about!

Here are some of the answers to the questions: (thanks Monica for the pen and paper!)
1. Her reaction when hearing people not like Jacob astounds her. The happiness in new moon is because of Jacob. He's the one that saves Bella from being so unhappy and is such a huge part of the story. She said that people who have been in love more than once or with more than one person at a time understand the relationship with Bella and Jacob.
2. Vampires can't bleed.
3. There is no new information on if there will be a movie. She does want it to be filmed in Forks, but doesn't have a say so who knows.
4. Does imprinting have the same reaction on a girl as it does for the boys? She said that Leah is the 1st werewolf in the history of werewolves so we will have to wait and see. hmmm....interesting!
5. Can a werewolf become a vampire? She wouldn't answer......another hmmmmm. I think book 4 will be very interesting!
6. She was at a youth group activity with some
Indian hoop dancers and one of the boys (who was about 14) inspired the Jacob character.
7. Midnight Sun will be Edwards only book. She said after one book we will be able to know the Edward she knows and if she had to write Edwards view of New Moon and Eclipse it would be so depressing because of the misery he has to go through with Bella's human ways!
8. In the spring(May) she has and adult book coming out called
The Host.
9. A thought on Bella and becoming a vampire and marriage. Bella has always avoided attention. She doesn't like it so it's hard for her to think of herself in the spotlight of a wedding. She also said the Bella's subconscious is telling her to look at the other people in her life. one last hmmmmm..............
The questions and answer's were over much too fast. We didn't want them to end. It was quite the experience. We decided that this would be something fun to do with each book we read. We need to find out when some of the past/future book authors are coming into town and go listen to their perspective on the book that they wrote.
Here's what the girls said:
Monica, "I could listen to her all day!"
Lisa, "I wanted to know why Bella is such a floozy!
"Mindy, "I wish it could have been longer. She seems like a fun person."
Aimee, "It's intriguing that she lives her everyday regular life but has Edward and Bella in her head all the time."
I agree, It would be hard to concentrate on life, homework, church callings and family needs when this story is rolling around in your brain and trying to come to life on paper.

After that we sat and waited for our letter to be called. There was a big sign up on stage that they kept changing the letter while they were playing a trivia game. I thought to myself "how am I going to know when they call letter i?" Duh!! The big sign that now had the letter F on it should have been my clue! I thought it had to do with the game they were playing. Sometimes I wonder about myself!

Anyway, we finally got in line and they wrote our name on a little sticky pad and put in in the front cover of the book. We all walked by with our books open and she signed:

To Cara, Stephenie Meyer

Monica and I were taking picture like crazy. (She will be posting them soon)

We sure did have a great time! We were interviewed by Jaimee Rose from the AZ Republic, The Lexicon Fan Club and a reporter from for Stephenie Meyer. I think it had to do with the cute shirts Monica made for us. We got a lot of attention because of it.
On the front they had a small heart that said:
"Book Bunch Beauties" and on the back they said,
"My heart belongs to Thomas,
(each of us had our husbands name on it)
But my neck belongs to Edward."

They were by far the cutest shirts there! Stephenie even said they were cool! Although we did see a group of ladies with black shirts that they had sewn red ribbon on the front and wrote Eclipse in white. It looked like a 3D version of the book cover and those were nice.
Of course we can have fun anywhere we go but today was extra fun because we got to do something we have never done before and meet Stephenie Meyer!
(sorry if you are reading this twice - I posted it on the book club blog too)


Crazymamaof6 said...

holy cow!that is so exciting! and so interesting! i would have to say hmmm to! which is crazy! can't wait to see your shirt and pictures! and we totally had to discuss the imprinting , and Leah and Jacob. sounds like it was a great time!

Webb Family said...

WOW, what an exciting day!!! I'm so sad I couldn't join you but, it sounded like you found out a lot of new stuff and I can't wait to see the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Cara, I have no idea what your talking about but it sounds like a fun day !

Tiffany said...

Thanks for posting the notes Cara!! I still can't wait to see the pics of the shirts! Ü

Cara said...

who left the anonymous comment???

Lindsey said...

what a fun day!! can't wait to see your shirts. i would have loved to have been there for the question and answers.

Jennifer said...

NOW I really have to get busy and read this book! I'm trying to get through The Goose Girl. Have you read that one?

Thanks for pulling me through my awkward moment today. You were definitely the right person for the job!

Erin said...

I'm jealous that you got to go. Sounds like you had so much fun. We should get together sometime and discuss the book.