Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Last Day of Summer

Today was the day. The very last day of summer. School starts bright and early in the morning! Cassidy is more excited than nervous and that's a first! I'm so proud of her. She is really growing up and learning to overcome her fears. We went and met her teacher on Monday night. This was a little scary because we are going to a brand new school this year. We only know about a handful of people (from our ward) and none of the teachers (so we don't know what we are missing I guess!).

She has her first man teacher this year. It was so funny when I told her who her teacher was going to be.
She said, "He's a Mr.?"
I said, "Yes, he's a Mr."
Cassidy: "I never had a Mr. before."
Me: "I had a Mr. for 3 years in grade school and he was great!"
Cassidy: "I think that's weird that he's a Mr."

Funny little soon to be 3rd grader! I thought she sounded a bit like Junie B Jones! Don't ya think? She's a little hung up on the Mr. thing but hey, that's not so bad. I could think of a lot of other things that are worse to be upset about. He seems nice and I heard he was funny so there you go. We will be looking on the bright side of this one.

Today, being the last day of summer we decided to make a day of it. Here goes the adventures of the three musketeers and the little chickens.

Here are the girls in the car heading out for the day. Don't you love Abby's glasses?

We started the day by hopping in the car and heading for Mindy's to meet Monica and Michelle (yes, my 3 best friends are all M names) to go to the bookstore to pick up our copies of...............

Eclipse! Monica had pre-ordered so we could get the tickets to go to the book signing. So looking forward to that! I have never been to a book signing before and with the group we are going with it can't be anything but fun!

Then we had lunch at Wildflower Bread Company. It was yummy and the kids entertained themselves with some packages of rubber lizards we got at the bookstore. Who new that little lizards could provide so much entertainment?
Here is Bree and Cass having lunch at their own table. They felt so grown up! (Even though they played with their lizards the whole time!)

Then we headed to Shumway's to swim. Or should I say bask in the resort like feel of the beautiful environment around us!? Man is that a fun pool. Hours, and I mean hours of enjoyment was had! How could you not, it's like a resort! Then, all 11 of us got in my car - yes, 11 in my car that holds 7 - (how's that for a fun party!) and headed back to Mindy's to drop her and the kids off. When we got there, oops! She was locked out. No key, no garage door opener. So we all piled back into the car and headed to Monica's. Long story short - the kids swam some more at Monica's while Mindy stayed and tried to get someone to come break into her house. (which she did btw) Monica and I headed out to go pick up her car from the car wash and came back for some more never ending fun. These kids have such great Mom's! We even came back with Del Taco for their starving little bodies! (Taco Tuesday is the best!) How's that for a super fun last day of summer? Could have it have been any better? (well, maybe the locked out part could have been better!)

I had such a great day! I have been needing a fun day after the stresses of getting everything ready for school to start. I think it was the perfect day to end the summer.

What did you do today to celebrate the end of summer?


Erin said...

Sounds like so much fun! I am jealous that you got Eclipse today, lucky girl. Although Jack doesn't start school for two more weeks we went to the last swim day at the Greenfield Pool with Crystal Marx and her girls. A fun time was had by all.

Lizzy said...

Fun day! I am so jealous you got the book. I thought I was smart and pre-ordered...still not here :(
I am also jealous you get to go to the book signing SNIF SNIF!! I think summers will mean more to me when my kids are older

Webb Family said...

Cody & Kelsey have a man for their teacher too! They seemed very excited about it and they were very excited because he is from New York! Cody played all day with Landon cause he is moving on monday-so sad! And, learned how to sew at Grandma's house. Sounds like you had a fun day!! I'm sad I never pre-ordered a book even if I can't go to the signing.

Crazymamaof6 said...

way to go! on the fun last day! i am semi concerned we haven't done anything fun yet! and whoohoo! you get to read today! with no interruptions!

i never had a man teacher until Jr. High! and my kids haven't had any yet either. i hope your girls had a great first day!

onehm said...

Sounds great. It's so wonderful that you have friends with kids who are the same age as yours! That makes it even better!