Saturday, August 25, 2007

Some Thoughts:

I've been doing some thinking lately. Remember my word for the year? "Think." I have thought about how my life always is in change mode. My likes, my dislikes, my hobbies, things like that. A few years ago I was obsessed with decorating. I read every magazine, watched every show, thought about what I would do to make my house nicer and I'm pretty sure that's all I talked about.

I seem to have moved away from that for now. I still love house things and I still can't help myself when I see a cute magazine at the checkout counter. But that is not my main focus right now. That may change in the next few months when I have to start decorating Tom's new office but for now it's on the back burner.

I seem to have gotten into nice groove of family, friends, church, and blogging. Photography would be wonderful to throw in there and I am looking forward to taking some fun classes so I can become better. I am out of the baby stage and onto the next level of parenting. Do I know what that is? No, but I am looking forward to it.

Blogging.........I've been thinking, "why do I love to blog so much?" I do have to admit I am a little obsessed with it and I apologize if I bore you with it constantly. Here are my reasons for my love of the blog:

1. I have never kept a journal and this is a way to record the happenings of my life. I love that I can add pictures and keep the memories fresh in my head.
2. I have become a better speller and I am working on my grammar.
3. I think about my life differently. Or should I say, I think about my life. I take time to make mental notes about things that happen to me through out the day in case I might want to write about it. I didn't used to do that. Sad but true. I just went through life not thinking about the future and not thinking about the past.
4. I love that I get comments on my posts. It's like a pat on the back and a boost to my spirits each time. Everyone loves to get a "good job" now and then. Comments are like that. Plus it's fun to hear what people have to say about what you wrote.
5. I am constantly motivated by others. I do have quite a few blogs I check in on and I am always uplifted, motivated and educated by these amazing women. I have gotten to know my friends better and I have gotten to be friends with people I have never met. I am a better person because of it.

With fall around the corner and many holidays fast approaching I look forward to the new me. Confident, happy with where I am, loving my little life and hopefully continually learning new and exciting things.

So my question for you is:
Why do you blog?
What is it that motivates you?
What is something you have learned recently that made you a better person?


onehm said...

Love this post. I whole-heartedly agree with all of your thoughts, not just the ones about blogging...but especially the ones about blogging.
And the scrapping and photos you are doing are beautiful...
I'm calendaring a class this weekend. I'll let you know!!

Erin said...

Amen to everything you said. I started blogging because all my friends were doing it and I figured it was a good way to keep in touch with family and friends far away. But now I just love to write about all kinds of random things, I find its a great outlet. As for something that I've learned and has made me a better person, I think right now that would have to be letting go of things that don't really matter. Thanks for the great post!

Lori said...

Don't die of shock, I am finally leaving a comment!! I haven't gotten in to blogging, but I love reading yours! I have always thought you were an amazing person, but now I know you are! Thanks for sharing yourself with me, I have learned so much about you and it's been so fun!

Webb Family said...

I so agree with all that you said about blogging! What a great post. Were you able to get tickets & did Paige get a hold of you?

Crazymamaof6 said...

i never took any pictures of my kids, and never developed them when i did. i take pictures now and write down the cute stuff they say. and it is all from blogging, plus the friends and blog friends are great! plus a place to vent or bounce ideas off other people.

Lindsey said...

i blog because it is my escape, true i am usually writing about myself.. but alot of times i am remembering things about my kids. or if i have had a really bad day i write about and i feel better.

Lizzy said...

You're too cure Cara! Everyone that knows you just loves you. I think you are such a breath a fresh air! So fun and full of Life! I love blogging because I have made friends like you :) Thanks for this post!

Tiffany said...

I love you Cara!! Ü Thanks for helping me get into blogging! If my friends hadn't "pressured" me (in a good way) then I probably wouldn't have done it and its my new favorite hobby! And I totally agree with you on the comments! Why do I love it so much?? Maybe its the pat on the back thing... who knows, but it sure is fun!! See you tomorrow... 'cause I GET TO GO TO CHURCH NOW!!! ÜÜÜ

Dancin Queen said...

Just linked over to you from a comment you left on another blog. I really relate to your list of reasons why you blog. Yours looks like one I will enjoy, so if you don't mind I'd love to check back.

And to answer your question: I totally blog because I've abandoned scrapbooking, but it's filled that need for me, and it's an easier way for me to journal. I can type way faster than I can write.

Lizzy said...

sorry you are not feeling well today-hope you feel better soon.

Jennifer said...

Cara, I want to take a photo class with you. Let me know ... tricky on timing though.

As for blogging, My friend Jenny had to completely twist my arm into doing it. I have always been a writer. Part of it for me is sharing my ideas. I LOVE comments. AND I love the connectedness to other women, like you said. It's like an old fashion conversation around the quilt or over the fence. Only on the internet!

Lori said...

Cara- Surprise, I'm finally joining the world of blogging. I loved your comments on why you blog, and hope to get as much from it as you have. I just started one and it's at so you can view it, but remember, I'm just learning and will definetely need some tips from everyone. Thanks for your motivation. Love ya!