Saturday, September 8, 2007

Make-up Deal

I thought I would pass on this great deal on the make-up I use. I have never been a heavy make-up user. In fact it wasn't until about 3 years ago when we went on our 1st cruise that I even bought a whole set of makeup for myself. (thought I needed to look pretty for my sweetie)This is what I bought and I have been a loyal customer ever since! I love, love, love it! Mainly because it doesn't "feel" like I'm wearing makeup - even when it's 115 degrees outside. It covers all my problem areas and smooths out my skin. I can even sleep in it - which I do only sometimes. I bought it at Ulta.
They have "people" there that will help you pick the right set for you and show you how to apply it. It was a no brainer for me since I wasn't make-up savvy for sure! Anyway, they are having a great sale and thought I would pass the information on.

ULTA Exclusive! Starter Collection - $60.00 - Light
The Original bareMinerals Starter Kit, a $165.00 value, is yours for just $60.00.
The Original bareMinerals Starter Kit includes:- Two shades of SPF 15 Foundation- Mineral Veil- Warmth All-Over Face Color- Glee All-Over Face Color- Handi Buki Brush- Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush- Flawless Application Face Brush- How-to DVD.
SKU: 2133148

What kind of make-up do you use?
Do you have a favorite brand?


Dancin Queen said...

I've heard about that brand of makeup from several different people but haven't ever tried it. I love Mac makeup.

Lizzy said...

I have heard about this stuff and always get sucked in with their informercials :) I have always wanted to try it. I wish I was more of a makeup person. If i actually put it in its a good day. I have MAC, Elizabeth Arden and a few brands i get from the beauty supply. Thanks for the heads up with the sale :)

Jennifer said...

I love this make up too! And Mac for eyes and lips. Isn't make up fun?

Webb Family said...

I have wanted to try this brand for a long time. You know I love Mac for my lips & eyes. And, then I use Merle Norman & Estee Lauder for everything else. I have been wearing make-up since I was 12.

idahohubers said...

I bought a Loreal brand bare minerals powder and hated it. I bet the real deal is better. I am a Lancome girl. Their mascara is the best and their shadows are always beautiful. I tried the tinted mosturizer this summer and for now that's my favorite foundation.

THE Bridesmaid said...

Did you get your caffeine fix today?

Lori said...

I just posted, but it looks like it got "lost in cyber world" as you would say, so I'll post it again. I am a clinique girl. I don't wear much make-up, but I love their face moisturizer. I've used it every day faithfully since I was in high school. It's light, and not oily feeling. I also love their mascara. I am also a fan of the Mary Kay eyeliner. You don't have to sharpen it, just twist it up. (This does look like an awesome deal, maybe I should start wearing more.....)

THE Bridesmaid said...

Oh! And I wear Mac it!

Lindsey said...

i love this make-up!! i found it at sephora when we were in NY. i use mac for everything else.