Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cutest Halloween Party!

I know it's a little late to be giving out Halloween Party ideas but these are just too cute not to share! Amberly went to her pre-school Pumpkin Party and I about died it was so darling.
I will post the pictures over on my smugmug site so you can go see all the fun things her teacher had for the kids to do. This would also be fun to do for Thanksgiving if you were having a bunch of family over (like me). These could be altered easily to be a "fall theme" or even a "turkey theme".
The games they played were:
1. Ghost Bowling - made the bowling pins look like ghosts
2. Scarecrow in the Straw - she had a kiddie pool filled with straw and the kids had to dig around until they found laminated pictures of a scarecrow, ghost, and other items. Then once they were found they put them back in the straw so someone else could find them. Then picked a prize!
3. Spooky Ring Toss - toss the rings over cute little Halloween items on a stick.
4. Decorate a Pumpkin - she got the foam shapes from Oriental Trading Co. and the kids just had to peel and stick! easy breezy and CUTE!!
5. Jack-Lantern-Toss - She made a HUGE jack-o-lantern out of cardboard and painted it and cut out the eyes and mouth. The kids threw bean bags and got a prize. FUN!
6. Cookie Station - they kids got to decorate a cookie to eat or take home.
7. Pumpkin Walk - a little cake walk with different pictures that the kids stood on and moved to Disney music. The winner got to choose a cupcake or brownie.
8. The Grass Maze - this was the best idea ever. They just let the grass grow a little longer than normal, then cut a maze into it with the lawn mower. This will work with what ever size yard you have. Big yard - big maze, little yard- little maze. Lots of fun I'd say.
Have you been to any cute parties lately?
Are you all ready for Halloween?
Don't forget to check out the pictures HERE! I took very detailed pictures but since blogger won't let me upload them you have to scoot on over to smugmug to see them. Sorry!


Dancin Queen said...

Perfect post for me! I'm in charge of a game for Joey's preschool Halloween party next week, and I hadn't thought of anything yet. Thanks!

cindylou said...

Oh my goodness -- such FUN ideas! Although, I'd have to say -- if YOU were in charge of a Halloween party, I'm sure you would have come up with just as cute of ideas! You are the queen of cute!!

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the ideas! Very fun! My favorite part though is the picture of Amberly... darling!!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

super fun! thanks for sharing such fun ideas!

THE Bridesmaid said...

How cute!
So, did your family LOVE your new blanket?

lindsey said...

those are some cute ideas. i bet the kids had a blast!

Bridget and Dustin said...

What a fun Halloween party for the kids! Thanks for all the cute ideas!

Lizzy said...

Oh my goodness! That is so amazing! Does she have a long waiting list-maybe i need to get London signed up for that school now :) Great pictures! Abby looks so dang cute i just can't stand it. What a fun time! Thanks for sharing the ideas- i wish i had them when London had her birthday party-maybe next year.

Webb Family said...

How cute!!! I love all those cute ideas. I'm bummed because just a month ago I got rid of my little bowling set-DARN IT! Thanks for the great ideas. Amberly's hair is getting so long.

sara said...

Hi cara, your blog is so fancy pants...i love it, (i saw your link on Erins and clicked and am so glad i did)...what fun recipes stories and whatnot!