Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday...on Wednesday!

I have been thinking all day about what my top 10 would be. I have so many more favorites from our trip than just 10. So I am going to start off with 10 and I might be adding more as the days go on. It might be a top ten week! Who knows??!! (blogger is having a hard time uploading my pictures for some reason. So I only have a few on here. I have started to upload them onto smugmug so if you want to see A LOT of pictures go check them out here)

Top Ten Memories of our Kauai Vacation:

10. Everything was SO green!!! I cannot describe in words how vivid the color green was all around us. Everywhere our eyes looked we saw different shades of the most wonderful green! (It helps that green is my favorite color!) I couldn't get over how big the leaves were growing on the trees or how high the vines grew up those trees. Simply amazing!

9. Growing closer to my family. Spending ten days together 24/7 without friends to divert attention will make or break a family. I'm proud to say it made our family stronger, closer and happier just being together.

8. The food on the island was NOT my favorite. I still have a knot in my stomach from the things I ate. However, I did fall in love with the fruit. So much flavor! My two favorites? Apple Bananas and Mango's.

7. Tom and Cassidy's surfing lessons. Since I grew up in California not to far from one of the surfing capitols of America (Santa Cruz CA) and having three surfing brothers this was monumental! Tom had surfed before but Cassidy hadn't and she was a PRO! It was fun to watch her excitement and watch the open mouths of the other surfers as she got right up on the board and was an instant success. My favorite was the second day when she started doing tricks and twists. I think if we lived closer to the ocean we would have a little surfer girl for sure.

6. One day the girls and I went to the local farmers market. Anyone who knows me will have figured out that I would find one and go. We had so much fun seeing all the local people selling their fruits and vegetables from the backs of their trucks. There were 7 mango's for $1, fruit we had never seen, vegetables that were just enormous and endless flowers for sale for next to nothing. I am so sad I didn't take any pictures of the people selling their goods. Their faces were so brown from the sun and their eyes sparkled with kindness as we kept asking, "what is that?" We bought a cold coconut with a straw to drink the fresh coconut milk (not a tasty treat as we had thought). The lady just took her huge machete and hacked off the top and stuck a straw inside. Then she put it in a small plastic sack so the coconut wouldn't snag the girls dresses. We also bought some mango's and a papaya and my new favorite - apple bananas.

5. I loved how we could drive the whole island in a very short amount of time. Anywhere we wanted to go was less than 30 minutes in any direction. We did do a lot of exploring and a lot of backtracking but it was something I don't mind. I could spend hours driving around a new place seeing how the people really live and be thoroughly entertained.

4. Our favorite area was Princeville and Hanalei Beach. The drive there is beautiful, the beaches are white sand with huge green mountains nestled right up next to them. We spent three days there. The town was small and quaint and every store and restaurant was local. Nothing commercialized. Loved that! In fact most of the island was like that. I liked how most of the signs in front of the shops and stores were hand painted on a piece of wood. Nothing fancy here but it totally worked.

3. The water was clear blue and you could walk out forever and it only got as deep as your waist. The girls loved playing in the warm water. One day we found this black sand beach on our way home and the water was as warm as the bath water I run for my girls. I don't know if it was the time of day, the location of that beach but that was the warmest water we found the whole trip! We spent another two days at our other favorite beach Litgate Park. It had a huge play area with the largest wooden playground area I had ever seen. The beach there had two natural coves that protected the water from the ocean. the waves would crash up on the lava rocks that surrounded these coves and splash fresh water and fish into it. There was no waves or undertow so it was perfect for kids. This is where we took the girls snorkeling. You could swim out and still stand up most of the way. There were hundreds of fish and the water was so clear you could count the sand pebbles on the sea floor from the top of the water. My favorite was when we were all snorkeling together and seeing Abby's little finger pointing to all the fish. Tom had some fish food so we had hundreds of fish around us. What an experience for us all! This will be a forever memory of mine for sure.

2. The Polynesian Cultural Center was fun thing to do while we were in Oahu. We learned all about the different cultures of the surrounding islands. Figi, Samoa, Hawaii, New Zealand, Tahiti, The Marquesas and Tonga. We loved the canoe pageant with all the different dances from these islands. Boy those ladies can sure move their hips!!! We had a great time at the Ali'i Luau with Cass and Abby even getting up on stage to show everyone the hula! We took the girls around to the different villages where they learned something from each island. They got tattoos, learned to make a fish toy out of a blade of grass, ate coconut bread (which was very yummy) and got the hugest snow cones you have ever seen. This is where it would rain for five minutes and then stop and be hot then rain then be sunny and hot. I'm thankful for this learning experience of the Island Culture.

1. Well, number one would have to be that we got to go to Hawaii!!!! What a vacation!!! I loved every minute of it (well, maybe not the long plane ride). This will have to be a do over for sure!!! Next time we are taking all our friends and family with us. Doesn't that sound fun??!!


Erin said...

Pick me, Pick me! I want to go to Hawaii! I'm so glad that you had a fun trip.

Lizzy said...

Your family is too cute for words! Great pictures! Looks like it was a DREAM vaction. Loved the top 10!

Lizzy said...


Megan said...

Your descriptive words were wonderful I felt like I was with you. Especially snorkeling with the fish. I Love hearing how it brought your family closer together that Will be my selling point, "honey, we have to go to Hawaii if you want our family to REALLY bond."

Crystal Star said...

You are getting to be such a great photographer! Thanks for sharing(camera does help :)

I wish I was there. I love the laid backness, the plants, fruit, beaches, ahhhh....

We'll have to go at the same time. Let's promise!

Webb Family said...

I'm so happy it was a fun experience and that you want to go back! Count us in for your next trip!! I can't wait to go look at more of your pictures.

Lisa said...

Your trip sounds like heaven and the girls look so islandish. What a great time! I enjoyed Kauii vicariously through you!

onehm said...

W O W ! ! !

Sounds like a blast. And the pics are AWESOME!!!
What a fun trip to scrapbook!!!