Friday, January 11, 2008


The 1st thing I did in this office makeover was move one of the bookcases into the hall by our bedroom. The hall is wider there and gives a nice space to keep books close at hand. I even have a pile of books to sell/give away.
However, to do this I had to move the desk that has been in the family for ever into Cassidy's room. We are going to paint it (yes, I'm going to paint an antique!) and Cassidy is already using it to hold all her treasures!
I had a cute file thing that several people advised me to store close at hand papers. I'm getting ready to fill it up!

I also had 2 pink storage boxes to put the girls art work and papers in. They will be the girls "Treasure Box" and hopefully will last through the school years. (They look small but I have to put them together and then they will be BIG!) Love IKEA!

I have been purging, filing, sweeping, shredding and finding all kinds of things that I thought were lost! I was thinking that posting that "after picture" was very funny until I realized that this office will never look as good as that one so when I show the finished project everyone will be kinda like......"eh, I guess it looks good." Darn, and I was so proud of myself for being a little comedian!

Here are some fun websites to get your organizational groove on!
Room Service Home
HGTV decorating

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Crazymamaof6 said...

fabulous! just do the after pictures. OR email them to me . trust me i will be sufficiently impressed. love the antique, and the book case. and awesome storage boxes at Ikea. love that place. for that kind of stuff.

Andrea said...

Good for you!! You've been busy - accomplishing things! Yes, post the pictures anyway! You know you want to show off all your hard work!

cindylou said...

WOW -- way to go, Cara! I love your progress! And yes -- you better post your after shots! I'm sure it'll look much better than the Pottery Barn picture! It'll have the 'Cara touch', so it'll have much more personality and cuteness! :o)

crystal said...

It'll be way better than the PB photo because a REAL PERSON will live there! Can't wait to see it. I've been attacking the dungeon, er, playroom for 3 straight days.

I'm pooped.

Lori said...

That was my problem when we redid our bathroom. Dave had put on this beautiful huge bathroom picture and said it was ours, and then when it was the real thing, it just wasn't as spectacular. (But we do love it!) I'm sure yours will be wonderful and I'm way impressed you're doing it!!!

Nikki said...

Cara- I just went to a class at the library last night on organizing. It's the "clear and Simple System"...ever heard of that? Anyways, here is their website. It was quite helpful and really got me in the mood to do some serious organizing :) Hope this might be of help to you or others! Good job on what you've done so far!

THE Bridesmaid said...

I am so proud of you!!! Its going to look so good when you're done :)

Aprilyn said...

You are making good progress!! I wish I were making progress too. I have to get my fractured ankle healed first. At least I found my son's Cub Scout shirt. I was FREAKING out about that one. It turns out when we gave our neighbor boy some of my son's old pants, he accidentally picked up Nathan's Cub Scout shirt with it! PHEW! At least it's been found!