Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Activity Days

After my make-over the MAC guy asked if I was going out. Uh, no I'm going to go show of my make-up to a bunch of 9 year olds. Isn't that what everyone does afer a make-over?

Just kidding! I did have Activity Days at my house and I taught the girls how to make cresent rolls. This was funny because I have only made them once before! Good thing one of the girls knew what she was doing and I even learned a new trick or two. The great thing about these girls is no matter what you do they are excited about it! We had lots of fun anf the girls ate lots of rolls. I'm sure their Mothers weren't too pleased with me because there was no way those girls were going to fit any kind of dinner into their little 9 year old tummys!

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Erin said...

So fun, you are a great activity days leader. I wish I could come!

crystal said...

I think A-Days leader is one of the best callings. What a cute activity idea!