Thursday, January 17, 2008

And The Winner Is................


Congratulations Lizzy!!! I will be bringing you some of my favorite brownies from The Brownie Connection. If you haven't had these you are missing out. The owner is my friends sister and they are soooo yummy! You can order them online and have them shipped anywhere and for any occasion! They also have a cute little store locally where you can pop in for a little treat or a big sundae. Go check them out here: The Brownie Connection.

O.K. now for the good stuff: The answer to my question of, "What 3 things did I change on my blog?"

1. I added my signature - you can too at My Live
It was very easy and you can even put the signature on your e-mails. I haven't figured that out yet but plan to!

2. I added borders around the different areas on my side bar. It wasn't hard and I even had a border around my posts but it was a bit much. You can play around with it on your blog if you want by going to Mom's Who Blog. This site is full of informational goodness and I spent a lot of time reading and learning from them. In fact all 3 things I did to my blog came from this web site.

3. I think Kimmurs is the only one that came remotely close to getting this one right. I think I might send her a prize anyway for getting them all right. And this one was very, very hard to notice.

**I changed the font colors on my blog. But NOT with the dumb/boring font colors that blogger provides but fancy new colors that I got off this web site-Web Color Chart and this web site - Hues Hub. By using their color codes I was able to perfectly match my fonts to my cute blog banner. The greens are the same and the pinks are perfect!!! Yes I have a color matching problem - I like things to match - Don't judge me!!!

So there are all my secret tips. Nothing too fancy but a lot of fun for me. I think I am becoming a computer geek because I get all excited when I come across new fun things to add to the blog!


Andrea said...

YAY for Lizzy!! Congrats! You know, I saw the pink & green and thought it was really cute!! Didn't realize that they were new. I guess that goes to show how much I'm not totally paying attention. ha ha Great job on your new changes!

Lizzy said...

ME???? I never win anything!!!! This staying positive is really working in my favor :) I am soooooo excited!! Thank you so much!!!!!

crystal said...

I love the new look! The matching fonts are so cute. I've been wondering how to "cutify" my blog--it's so blah--and now I can! (if i ever find time to play around with it)

Kimmurs said...

Congrats to Lizzy, Im sooo jealous.

Anonymous said...

Love the new look of your blog. Wow, that was quite the make over too!

sara said...

hi new friend...i am so sad i missed the whole contest thing...although i am sure lizzy deserved it...i'm thinkin you should have another contest