Saturday, February 9, 2008

Questions and Answers

I've been asked by several people to give out my resources for my new office.

1. The black CD boxes I got at IKEA.
They come in every size, shape and color. I got two huge boxes in pink for the girls to keep in their room as their treasure box. This way the papers they bring home from school, primary talks, special pictures etc. can go in there to keep. Once it gets full they can pick what has to come out.

2. The desk is a copy of the desk in the pottery barn catalog. I found the two file drawers at Fry's Marketplace for under $100 each. I can't remember the exact price. I think maybe $79. Tom made the computer stand and printer cabinet. We then used plywood for the top of the desk but I would recommend MDF. It is smoother and easier to paint. We also attached some trim moulding on the frount of the plywood to give it a finnished look. Then I painted everthing white which I am so famous for. (If you know me you know I do this to everything I bring into this house!) So this was a fraction of the cost and works just as great!

3. The desk chairs are from Target on-line.
These are the same chairs as the pottery Barn ones but about $300 cheaper! Watch for the free shipping sale at Target to help with the cost.

4. My filing cabinet in the closet that I hold all my pictures is from Goodwill.
It's ugly as all get out and if it was out in the open I would paint it but no one sees it so I'm o.k. with it for now. The reason why I bought it at goodwill was becasue it is an older file cabinet and it is very sturdy and heavy. The ones you buy now in Staples or Office Max are so flimzy and lame. Plus this was $10 for a four drawer and a new one was $250.

5. The rolling cart labels are printer paper from my computer and Modge Podge.
I just used my print shop program and printed out these lables and modge podged them on. Easy Peasy!

6. The little table and chairs is from Pottery Barn.
These were a hand-me-down which I took with glee! I just love hand-me-downs! However, you can find cute table and chairs anywhere and paint them. I have one in Abby's room that I painted pink. The table was my Mom's when she was little and the chairs are from a 2nd hand store. Erin found a cute little table and chair at a thrift store. They are every where! I am a HUGE sucker when it comes to little kids furniture. It's very hard to pass these things up even if I have no room for them! Here's a picture of the table when it was green and now that it is pink! (the one in Abby's room)

7. The Boxes that hold the mail are from IKEA.
These are some cheap ones I had to hold my magazine stash. I thought they would be cute covered in some scrapbook paper which I haven't done yet. I think you get 5 for $2.99
and the nicer ones are $2.99 each. These also come in different colors and paterns.

8. The black frames that hold our family pictures used to be gold with a cream matte and I spray painted the frames black and the mattes white. Good as new!

If there are any more questions just let me know. I would love any ideas or suggestions on what I could do better or any organizing tips. I know there is a better way to store ribbon and that is my next project! So bring it on sistas!


Andrea said...

Well well, look at you miss bargain shopper!! Awesome deals! And the end result is beautiful!! Way to go! Thanks for letting us know where you got some of your stuff.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

I love a woman who knows her way around a spray paint can. A woman after my own heart!

Cindylou said...

Wow -- you are so dang creative, Cara!! Come fix up my house now!! Please!!