Friday, February 15, 2008


This week has been a fun one. I just LOVE Valentines Day. Over here we have Valentines week. Last year I bought little felt valentine bags at Target and I hang them on each chair. The Valentine Fairy comes in the night and brings little love notes and presents.

Let me explain the "Valentine Fairy". On Monday Abby spent the morning at her cousins house so I had lots of time on my hands to get things done around here. One of those things was to get out the Valentine decorations and put them up. When Abby came home she (of course) noticed everything and walked around saying, "oh how cute!" and "look at that." I guess she doesn't remember these things from last year because the only thing new was the heart wreath on the front door. Anyway, she said, "who did all this?" I said without thinking, "The Valentine Fairy" becasue my mom named everything a fairy. The cleaning fairy, the laundry fairy, the dinner fairy, the flower fairy ect. If we came home and our laundry was done and folded on the bed she would say the laundry fairy did it. You get the point. Well Abby was so excited about this fairy business that we of course had to play it out. Cassidy had a lot of fun adding to the fun and felt very grown up that she knew there was no fairy.

The Girls cards for school

For the girls Valentine cards I saw a cute idea on Photo Jojo and just had to do it. They were VERY cute but very time consuming. I should have done what my cousin Lisa did and just photoshop the card instead of scrapbooking the card. I had the girls help me which was fun but Cassidy had 30 cards to make and Abby had 10. By the end we were all sick of these cute cards! I then made 13 more for each girl for their Valentine Party with Grandma to hand out to their cousins. I did those much easier and if I ever do it again will do them this way becasue they were just as cute and less time consuming.

The huge pile of cards we were working on forever!

The easier card I made for the cousins

(with left over fabric from the V-Day banner)

Over all we had a great week. I am getting over a cold which had me in bed for most of the weekend and not quite myself the begining of the week. I have to be greatful I didn't get it as bad as most and my family is all well at the moment.


Do you like Valentines Day or hate it?

Do you have any silly traditions that have carried over from your childhood?

Have you escaped the nasty cold virus that's going around?


Erin said...

I love Valentine's Day!!! I can't remember any traditions from childhood but am excited to start my own. No comment on the cold question, I don't want to jinx myself!

Lori said...

Those cards turned out so cute!! And I can't believe you scrap booked all those cards!! Now you know for next time. Glad you're feeling better. And yes, I LOVE Valentines Day!!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

love your cards you are super mom when it comes to holidays. love the fairy idea. too cute. and the other cards were just as cute. way to go. i buy cheap ones and hot glue the candy on. a line of glue and put the stick on top. i had to do 5 this year. well only4 liberty did hers all on her own. and it didn't occur to me to do a cute photoshop card until it was too late. and too late for me was after January first. i should just do it last minute and enjoy. and i am bummed i didn't do valentine pillow cases like you blogged about your christmas ones.
I'll get clearance fabric and do them now for next year.
valentines day is my fave holiday.

Jenifer said...

Have to admit, I don't really care for Valentines. No traditions, just love the conversation hearts. And so far, we are virus free. Knock on wood! I love your cards and banners. Next year....

Cindy said...

I love Valentines!! No silly traditions though. Yes, we have escaped the cold virus. Knock on wood!!

I love all your cute little Valentines things!! The fairy is such a great idea!!

pam said...

Sometimes I wish I had girls so I could pamper then with cute girl stuff.

Nikki said...

I love the idea of Valentines Day but my DH does nothing for VD so I always end up disappointed! I guess I need to let go of my expectations and just enjoy "giving" and loving others :)

Nikki said...

p.s My neighbor does the "Fairy" thing and her Valentine Fairy colors the milk pink, makes pink waffles for breakfast with strawberries and whip cream and leaves little presents like you! TOO CUTE...she also does a birthday fairy and decorates the room, usually kitchen/table with all the birthday decor and leaves one "big" present for the kids!