Sunday, March 16, 2008

52 Blessings Project Week 11

Friday I had the brilliant idea to have my BIL install a new faucet on our kitchen sink. We have needed a new one for a while (it wouldn't move back and forth and was frozen in place) but I was trying to wait until I got new counter tops. Well, since BIL is a plumber and is sleeping in Abby's bed for a few nights I thought, "what the hay, I'll ask?" He said yes and I headed to Home Depot to pick out a new faucet.

All was going well until we realized that there were some missing parts in the box. Another trip to HD was in order - However by the time the guys got there (after playing 3 hours of racket ball) HD was closed.

So for this weeks 52 Blessing Project I am VERY blessed to be able to have running water and a faucet, garbage disposal and dishwasher. I am also blessed to have an R.O. system with yummy clean drinking water whenever our hearts desire.

Yes, we are going on day 2 of no running water in the kitchen. I am actually O.K. with the situation. It doesn't bother me for many reasons.
1. My BIL is doing it for free so how could I complain.
2. We couldn't go to HD today to get the new faucet because it's Sunday and we don't shop on Sunday.
3. It has made me appreciate my water situation so much more.
4. It has reminded me why I don't like camping.
5. I actually think it's pretty funny and am laughing about how much of a habit water in the kitchen is.
And finally:
6. I love the comments that have been made about it.

My favorite being:
1. I'm thirsty!
Go in the bathroom and fill your cup up in the sink.
But that's HAND WATER!
Pictures will be posted tomorrow when (hopefully) the new faucet will be installed. Ü

I am also thankful for BIL for installing the new faucet for free on his vacation!


Tiffany said...

What a GREAT thing to be grateful for!! I guess we really do take that for granted, don't we?! LOVE IT! (and hope installation goes smoothly tomorrow!)

carrie & troy keiser said...

Yup! LOVE running water! excellent blessing! We had kitchen water troubles once, had to do the dishes in the bathtub! Oh the fun! :)

Kimmurs said...

It's the small things in life. What a nice BIL...LU

pam said...

Oh man, I would have been so mad at the boys. oh well...
I love the comment about hand water.

Jenifer said...

Don't forget, you can't do any dishes! Hand water, that's too cute.

Cindy said...

I think it's funny when kids think the water from the bathroom sinks is dirty!! We definitely do take our running water for granted.

crystal said...

Good attitude, Cara! Where ARE you doing the dishes, by the way???

Max goes downstairs at night to get drinks of water because he insists the bathroom faucet water tastes different. Sheesh.

onehm said...

Love this blessing!

Love the "hand water" comment...

Anonymous said...

See here or here

The Prince Family said...

ha ha cute comment aobut the hand water. :)
Okay so this past weekend we rented "Enchanted" and I could not get over that the princess Giselle looks just like YOU! So after awhile of it tripping out my mind, I just pretended it was you. If you and your girls haven't seen it, rent it. It is a cute family movie.

Anonymous said...

Like you pics!