Saturday, March 15, 2008

Just a Few

I always wished I could fly and this is a perfect picture
of how I always imagined it would be!

I haven't been getting my camera out and I have missed it. Friday and Saturday I went a little crazy and was shooting just about everything. I told Cassidy that everyone is going to think I like Abby better than her because Abby lets me take her picture (so I have a lot) and she doesn't. She didn't seem to care. I think she's at that age - please help me!

So here are "just a few" of my favorites from this weekend. I didn't edit them - sorry. I just am not good at that yet - so these are real and raw!
This is Tom's brother Gary and family on Nephi's Baptism Day.

Don't they look like they are having so much fun?

This little cutie is our nephew Ammon and
he has the bluest eyes in a family of all browns just like me!

Amberly and London two cute little cousins
who hopefully keep their sweet friendship that they have now.


Kimmurs said...

Love the pic of Abby flying ! Very cute.

crystal said...

Oh, they just GLOW on baptism day! And I love the "peter pan" picture.

cindylou said...

Oh my goodness, that picture of Abby is so fun! And it was so fun to see Gary & Sue's family. They are all so grown up! Wow -- I remember when we left AZ, they just had one baby. Now they're all giants! Time Flies!!

Crystal Star said...

I would frame Abby's flying photo. It's so symbolic of her little go for it spirit. And such grace. Like an angel. I'm finally back online. Let's plan a play date so I can visit with you.