Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday's Ramblings

(picture credits - Sugardoodle)

I'm having so much fun lately with our Monday Night Family Home Evenings. Tonight we went over and had dinner with our friends John and Suzanne and our other friends Rick and Sherri were in town from CO with their kids. The kids swam in the pool (at 6:30pm it was freezing!) and we grilled chicken and hot dogs and had so much fun sitting around the table talking and laughing and letting the kids roam free (after they dried off and warmed up). Tomorrow we get our grill fixed so we can have people over and enjoy the beautiful spring weather! I love food cooked on the grill. It just tastes better somehow. It's also nice in the summer so our house doesn't heat up. I'm excited to grill some pizza's. I saw on The Barefoot Contessa the easiest grilled pizza recipe. I'm all about make your own pizza and out on the grill sounds even better! Check it out here on Food TV. I mainly watch her so I can get a glimpse of my dream kitchen. I would LOVE her kitchen. White cabinets, black counters, a viking gas range. I tried to find a picture of it but no luck. I guess I'll just have to watch the show and drool!

I have a list a mile long for tomorrow so I better head off to bed. My late nights are back so it's easy for me to stay up till 12 or 1am. I need to be careful. Last night I stayed up till 2am reading Gap Creek. Finally a book to peak my interest. I haven't been into any of the books lately from my two book clubs. Not that they are bad books, I just haven't felt in the reading mood I guess. This one is good and I can't wait for the discussion. Questions:
1. What are you reading and do you love it?
2. What's your favorite cooking channel show?
3. Have you ever made pizza on the grill?


Jennifer said...

I think I'm getting ready to start East of Eden. It's long so I'm intimidated. I think I can....

No favorites for food channels.

I took a class once on grilling ... they taught us how to make cookies on the grill even> Let me know when you try it.

crystal said...

I love the Contessa's kitchen, too. It's so light and airy. Lately I've been watching "Boy Meets Grill" obsessively. I also love "Everyday Italian." You gotta tune out Giada's cleavage, though...