Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm on a roll and playing catch up. I'm a little behind in the bloggity department. I am still not feeling up to par. I am dead tired and asleep by 9pm which is so unlike me! I usually put the girls to bed, clean up the kitchen and pick up the house. Then I sit down for some nice quiet blogging /computer time or catch up on my T.V. shows. I have not felt like doing any of these things. My sickness is still lingering and sleep is winning over anything else.
However today was highly productive. I took my car in to have the emissions done then stopped off at Marshall's to see if I could find the girls some Easter dresses. We found two cute ones for Abby. She LOVES them and has worn one of them non-stop since we bought it. It even came with a matching dress for her dollie. SO CUTE! And at $14.99 how could I say no???
I then dropped Abby off at pre-school while I headed to the grocery store. I hate grocery shopping. I didn't make a list so I was going in blind - never a good idea. I spent the entire two hours Abby was at school in the store. Geez! And what's up with the prices?? The news is right -food is up by A LOT!!!

Then we headed to the $1 store for Easter stuff. That sure is a fun store! I found cute stuff like Easter socks, candy, eggs, and the cutest fly swatter EVER!!! I couldn't resist and at only $1 I bought it without thinking twice! I might go back and stock up for V.T. gifts or fun B-day bag toppers. You can have a smile on your face while swatting those darn summer flies.

Then we had another cute family over for FHE tonight since they can't do Mondays. I think we are going to meet with them once a month and rotate houses. Maybe even add some more families into the mix. I made dinner and they brought dessert. Tom gave a cute lesson out of the Friend Magazine and then we had a mini Easter egg hunt (that went with the lesson) Good food, good friends and a lot of fun!
(sorry about the pictures, blogger won't let me get them straight no matter how many times I have tried!!!)


Melody said...

What beautiful Easter dresses! It's so fun to be a girl and put on something new and pretty for Easter. I got one for Elaine and let her wear it last week for her 'birthday', but now have to save it until Easter.

Webb Family said...

That dress is so cute & I love the matching one for her dollie! I'm going to have to get Kennedi one, she will be in heaven. Sorry you are still not feeling great.

cindylou said...

Umm...the little flower flyswatter almost remind me of the flower pens you used to make. We had those things all over our apartment back in the day! Now, whenever I go somewhere (usually a store) and they have them, it reminds me of you. So...the little flyswatter reminded me of those oh-so-cute pens! hee hee