Thursday, May 1, 2008


We are back from our fun filled weekend. We all had a great time and Kurt and Pam (My Bro.) surprised us and showed up for one day. We couldn't have been happier. Here's our little play-by-play:
We left Saturday because frankly everyone was too excited and I couldn't keep them here for one more day. (I do sound like a scrooge don't I!) The drive wasn't bad and even though our DVD player didn't work the girls were great. We stopped at the amazing outlet mall on the way and had a lot of fun window shopping in those fancy stores. Did you know they have a Barney's New York there? WOW! They had all the fun shops and we had fun looking in them.

Sunday we got up and went to the Orange County Marketplace (which is a fancy name for Swap Mart) We were in search of a painting for Tom's office. It was 100 f outside. Who knew it would be hotter in CA than AZ? We had fun walking around and found a great deal on some art. Tom was getting mad at me because I kept telling him "It has to mean something to you!" You can't just have a generic painting in your office." He found one he liked (or at least he said all the right words for me to believe him) and we bought it. They are even shipping it!

After that it was only 12ish so we decided to go to Disneyland for the rest of the day. I know......... we are going to hell since we did not go to church, instead we went shopping, ate lunch at Red Robin AND went to Disneyland. Yes we are sinners for sure!

Disneyland was surprisingly not too bad on a Sunday afternoon. It was very hot so most people probably chose the beach instead. Hmmmm why didn't we think of that. We stayed for the Fantasmic show which was the 1st for us and watched the fireworks show - another 1st. We then headed back to our lovely hotel that I got a smokin' deal on! I love you Priceline!

Monday was spent doing all the rides and shows at California adventure. It was still hot but not as hot and hardly any people. Love That!!!! Abby was having a grand time because she is now tall enough to ride almost every ride. She is definitely a roller coaster junky like her Dad and big sister. I however am not a roller coaster junky but did ride the Grizzly Mountain Water Ride for the 1st time. Snaps for me!

Monday night when it was time to head home we weren't really hungry but did want a little treat of some sort. So we stopped off at Bakers Square for ..................

Pie for Dinner!!!! Yes we all ordered pie (four slices total) and ate pie for dinner. This is so unlike us as we don't even eat sugar in our family except for Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. I hope this is a memory that the girls remember for a long time. I will remind them next time I am the "mean mom" and say no to treats during the week.

Tuesday we crammed everyone in our car (our family and Kurts family) and headed out for our last day at Disneyland. It was soooo fun!!! The weather cooled off, the girls had a blast with their cousins and I had fun with my Bro and SIL. I had never been to Disneyland with Kurt. He's just a fun guy no matter where we are. We did show them a few new things they had never done and said they liked having the "Tom and Cara experience." Our last stop was letting the girls pick out their ONE thing. (our rule is they get to pick out ONE thing on the very last day on the way out the park. This is to stop the "gimmes" and the "I wants" and gives them something to look forward too. It also teaches them about shopping around and choosing wisely. Cassidy picked out an Ariel porcelain figurine for her collection, Abby chose a Belle Barbie, Garrett and Zac chose light sabers.

Wednesday morning we headed back to Bakers Square and had breakfast and pie!! Yep, we ordered pie after we ate breakfast. Seriously I don't know what got into us! Pie for dinner and then pie for breakfast! What is the world coming to?! We then went home to reality.

It was a great time and I just want my sweetie Tom to know that I am very happy he talked me into going. I loved spending time with my little family and my Brothers family. This is what makes memories and if it weren't for Tom we would never make any FUN memories for sure! (He is the fun one in the family!)

To see all our Disneyland pictures click here


Erin said...

Jealous! I'm so glad that you had a fun time. I really like your no sugar rule. I think I may institute in our house.

Crazymamaof6 said...

GREAT! i looked at your pictures! and now you have me wanting PIE! sheesh!
super fun trip! go glad you had a fab time. what a FUN HUBBY! and whoohoo orange county swap meet! i'm jealous! love that place!

Think Pink said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I love Disneyland! We are headed to San Diego for a some much needed R&R. ;)

Anny said...

What a great vacation! I loved all the pictures. Your girls are so cute, and so are you and Tom or course! I can't do roller coasters either, I would have hung out with you! I would have eaten pie with you too, so yummy. In fact, I think we ate at that Bakers Square when we went to Disneyland. Fun, fun!

onehm said...

LOVE the play by play! Thanks for telling about your trip...
You ARE a fun mom, I know it!! ;)

cindylou said...

SOO fun! You and your little family are too cute! I'm glad Tom convinced you to get away and go have some much needed relaxation!