Friday, May 2, 2008

Disneyland Tips And A Few Of My Opinons

After spending a few days at Disneyland I have a few things to discuss that I did not want to put into the previous play-by-play. So feel free to comment on my little opinions, I would love to hear them.

1. Tom and I decided it should be against the law for any child to cry, throw a fit or be ungrateful in anyway while at Disneyland. We as parents are there for them and they need to at least act like they are having a good time.

(disclaimer: my girls were very good and did show they were truly having a good time. However, we saw a lot of small children throwing HUGE fits, crying, and actually throwing things! Yes, I am aware that kids get over tired, cranky and hungry and they act out accordingly. Which should be taken into account.)

2. One of the reasons I love Disneyland is because the parks are so perfectly manicured. Every bush is trimmed, the flower beds are perfectly groomed, the roses are always in bloom, and the trees are the perfect amount of shade. This last time I noticed in Tomorrowland all the landscaping was done in edible plants. Herbs, strawberry's, edible flowers, fruit trees. I loved every bit of it! Yes, I admit I am a garden freak and I am very impressed with Disneyland's landscaping crew!

3. Tom realized one of the main reasons why he loved Disneyland so much is because everything is systematized to the hilt. We watched the workers get ready for the parade, the Fantasmic Show and the firework show. A lot of people in a small space and each worker knew his/her job, got it done and the park was cleaned up within minutes of each event. This was amazing to Tom being a business owner himself. Have you ever noticed how many employees they have working there???

4. When holding your families spot for the Fantasmic show do not under any circumstances try and be helpful to a group of people who speak a different language. They will think you are being offensive and want to beat you up! (yes, this did happen to me and it ticked me off. Jeez! I was just trying to be helpful AND save my spot for my family)

5. I lost my camera on the 1st day and when I went to lost and found they had it!!! I tried to get a better camera out of the deal but Disneyland is no dummy and was very thorough in the questioning. Thank you whoever turned my camera in!!

6. Day one was filled with little surprises -literally. We came back from a ride and there was a fancy expensive Genie cup in our stroller. We went on another ride and when we came back found a pink princess visor (brand new) in our stroller. We kept hoping for more stuff but that was about it. I guess we should be thankful things weren't being taken out of the stroller!

7. Pie for Dinner has warped my brain. Now every night I want pie for dinner. Check out this blog and tell me how I can I work this into my weight watcher plan. Hmmmmm.............any ideas?


Anny said...

Lol. I love you opinions. I think I told you we finally took our boys back to the hotel at 5pm because they wanted to LEAVE Disneyland and go swimming at the hotel pool! We also had our brand new stroller stolen and it was NOT turned in. We haven't been back since. I do think the grounds are beautiful and I'm sure we will return someday.

Bits Of Becca said...

I love your comments on disneyland. It is a great place to go. We went last year with the kids (22 hour drive). They really want to go again. Maren loved the log ride and still talks about it. The best time to go on the log ride is during the fireworks show. NO LINE AT ALL!!! We went three times in a row and hopped right on every time.

onehm said...

FUN!!! We are so excited to go!