Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cassidy's Last Day of..................

We are done with 3rd grade. I can't believe my baby will be a 4th grader! I know I'm being mushy here but time has gone by so fast I can't seem to wrap my mind around it. This year was Cassidy's best year so far. She is more confident, more social, better at making decisions and growing up so fast! She is reading, spelling and loving math! I couldn't be happier.

This year I asked my SIL to help me make a cute shirt for Cassidy to take to school and have her teachers and friends sign it. Pam out did herself and Cassidy's shirt was PREFECT!!! She took an older picture of Cassidy surfing in Kaua'i and made a cute border and added "Time for Summer" on the back. On the front she put the name of Cassidy's school and '07-'08 on the front. I ran to Old Navy the night before and bought a small mens v-neck t-shirt in light blue (to match the surfing picture) and we ironed it on. I chose a mens t-shirt so she could get lots of names on it and then it could be a comfy night shirt.
This year I didn't do an elaborate present even though I thought about it. I just didn't have the resources to get all the parents together and do my 101 favorite things this year. Next year I think I may sign up as room Mom just so I can do that end of the year present. It's so worth it!
I did however make Cassidy's teacher a card and wrote a few things that Cassidy liked about this year in his class. I then attached an iTunes gift card to the card. Her teacher loved iTunes! I think it turned out cute and Cassidy was excited about giving it to him.

Here is what we wrote on the card:
1. What was your favorite thing you did in Mr. Hamlin’s class this year? I liked listening to music while we worked. I liked how we could earn money and then buy things at auction. And I loved listening to books on his ipod.
2. I liked most of the people in class but am glad to be going away from Austin and he’s happy too! (she DID NOT LIKE Austin!)
3. I liked the way Mr. Hamlin taught math. Because it was fun doing math.
4. I think Mr. Hamlin is a good dresser. He always looks nice.
5. Some funny things Mr. Hamlin did were he put me in a neck lock and he played games with us.
6. I like Mr. Hamlin because he’s the best teacher in the world!

We are looking forward to summer for sure! It will be a nice break and we will be enjoying every minute!


cindylou said...

Way to go, Cassidy!! Sounds like you had a fun 3rd grade year! :o) And...I love your shirt! What a cute idea, Cara!

Kass said...

What a fun idea. I always loved the special/personalized gifts like that from students when I taught. Don't the school years just fly now? When I was in elementary school it seemed like an eternity before I was in the next grade!

Tiffany said...

That's such a fun idea... I will have to copy (eventually Ü) for sure!

pam said...

I'm glad it turned out well. It looks like she had plenty of people sign it.

andrea j said...

I can't believe my oldest will be going to 4th grade too.

Great card idea, her teacher sounds really fun :)

Anny said...

Darling t-shirt, great idea!