Sunday, June 8, 2008

June Desktop

So sad that I only digi-scrap my monthly desktop picture. I really would love to do more. I'll have to work it into my schedule so I can at least do a page a week. I have my "page of the month" hanging up in my kitchen and it's..........hmmm 2 years old! My plan was to do a page a month and display it in the kitchen. Then I would have at least 12 pages for the year. Not a bad plan, or an overwhelming plan. Just a plan I have pushed to the side and have forgotten about.

This summer my organizing goal is to:

1. Clean out the wrapping paper & ribbon closet
2. Organize pictures and get them into albums.

3. Organize laundry room

4. Scrapbook one page a month

Get your free desktop here at Shabby princess


cindylou said...

Soo cute! I haven't done a desktop thingy in awhile. So...thanks for motivating me! Your girls are dang adorable!

Anny said...

Cute,cute pictures! Great goals, I hope to get some things organized this summer too. Especially my pictures. I pulled out some bins to get started and died when I went through 35 years of pictures. HELP, where do I start!?

Lori ~ LL-K said...

I love the your desktop! What a great idea!! How FUN!

Tiffany said...

What a cute desktop! I love that you do that!

loving life with livie said...

you are so incredible with these fun ideas!
so inspiring! thanks!

pam said...

well at least you get that much done. your girls are too cute!!

emilyscircus said...

One day I Will be organized, not today, but someday!

Andrea said...

Oooohh I got that desktop too. Haven't used it yet though. I love the tint you used on your pictures! At least your desktop looks BEAUTIFUL!!!