Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Favorites Right Now

Food: Monica's Famous Ribs

Drink: Ice Water

Fruit: fresh pineapple and strawberries

Ice cream: I don't eat ice cream

Candy bar: Godiva chocolate that Tom brought me from TX.

Music: This is Not Your Mother's LDS Music 2

TV Show: There is nothing on right now and it's ticking me off!

Movie: I haven't seen anything lately to be a favorite.

Book: Remember Me - Sophie Kinsella

Sound: Abby laughing uncontrollably on laughing gas

Smell: ginger lime candle

Sight: My girls with cute earrings in their ears.

Touch: Having Abby snuggle up to me.

Taste: I'm digging salty things right now.

**What are your favorites right now?**


Webb Family said...

This is fun and I might just steal this one!
I love Army Wives, Design Star & the next food network star

Alis said...

What a fun idea! I (also) might just have to borrow this one!

Dancin Queen said...

Fun--I'm in too!

Andrea said...

Ooooh ginger-lime sounds yummy!!!

Who makes it? and Where did you get it?

loving life with livie said...

I, too think nothing's on t.v. right now!! AHHH!!

What's this about NO ICE CREAM???

Bruce & Chanteal said...

I just found your blog on tiffany larsons blog (she is in my moms ward that i grew up in) and you are amazing! You make blogging so fun and creative and it has given me some great ideas! Thank you so much for being so creative! My blog is actually set to private, so if you are interested in seeing my blog you will have to email me your email address (sorry!) chantealbrooks@yahoo.com