Saturday, August 9, 2008

♥Happy Birthday Tom ♥

Today is my sweetie's birthday. So to honor the day I thought I would list 36 reasons why I love Tom. Happy Birthday Love! I think you are the greatest!!

1. Tom loves Disneyland more than anyone I know! It just wouldn't be the same if we ever went without him!
2. He is very sweet to me and the girls.
3. He let's me take goofy pictures of him doing random things like standing in front of a golfing trophy!
4. There are two Tom's. Business Tom whom I love because that's the Tom that is driven and task oriented and structured. Business Tom also supports our family so we need to keep him around! Then there's Fun Tom - who is my absolute favorite! He's goofy, and silly, and fun with a side of crazy! Love it!!!
5. He always encourages me when I want to do something. Blogging, photography, my callings at church. He's very supportive in whatever I am doing at the moment!
6. He's very handsome!

7. I love how he can tell me how he is feeling with just his eye's. I have never know anyone who can do that!
8. He's very down to earth. No pre-tense there!
9. He loves his girls and is the BEST Daddy!!!!

10. He knows how to communicate and has taught me how to have a good solid relationship. Without him who knows what I would be like! I am a better communicator because of him!
11. He can't sing worth a dime but I love that about him!
12. He's great at making up songs though!
13. He can rhyme all the time.
14. He is the fasted reader I know!!! That is just not fair!
15. He's a smarty pants. (that's what I like to call him because he truly is so darn smart!)
16. He let's us eat pie for dinner! And who doesn't love that?!

17. He makes me want to be better at everything I do!
18. He's very romantic - too bad he married a girl who isn't - but is learning.
19. He's thoughtful
20. He's kind.
21. He's patient.
22. Forgiving
23. He loves the Lord and has a strong testimony of The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
24. And he has instilled these traits into our girls which is such a blessing!
25. He loves to go to the Temple
26. He has helped me learn to get out of my comfort zone and travel the world. Without him I would not have seen Banana's growing on trees in the Bahama's. I wouldn't have kissed a dolphin named Jack, swam with the sting rays, ate fresh coconut shrimp, taken a picture in Hell, seen the prettiest mountains in CO. , surfed in Kauai, walked the streets of NYC and I even rode the subway! All these things and more because I knew I would be safe with him by my side.
27. Can play a mean game of dice with his family!!

28. Out of the 13 1/2 years of marriage 9 of those years were spent with some family member living with us. We have officially boycotted all family staying with us long term but man was Tom a trooper all those years!!!
29. He loves to play sports. Golf, racket ball, basket ball, tennis and ping pong! He also doesn't hold it against me that I am not a sports girl. (He has his girls who he is training them young!)

30. He loves me for me. He doesn't care if I have make-up on, or if I leave the dishes in the sink at night. He knows my key's may not be hung up on the hook EVERY time but forgives me anyway. He overlooks the little things because he has the big picture in his mind. (Thank Heavens for that!)
31. He's handy when he wants to be. If I need him to fix anything (but a computer) he can do it!
32. He comes from a great family who are all great friends. This is a blessing these days.
33. He loves our cat even though he would rather have a big huge dog!
34. He wrote a book for each of the girls telling them the story of how our family came together. They love it and it's just another example of what a great Daddy he is!

35. He's very focused.

36. He's perfect for me and I am so lucky to call him mine!♥

Happy Birthday Tom! I Love you ♥


Vidal's Nest said...

Very sweet tribute to your husband! Sounds like a great guy!
Happy Birthday Tom!

Bits Of Becca said...

What a great way to pay tribute to your hubby. It reminds me a lot of my own husband's great qualities, some I have forgotten to appreciate. Thanks and happy birthday Tom!

Kimmurs said...

Happy Birthday Tom... Not alot of people these days have such great thing's to say about there spouses. It's great to hear. You two are very lucky to have eachother. XOXOXO I got your message the other day (HEAT), so glad we're coming after that !

Cindy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, THOMAS LAMAR!! :o) What a great guy you've got, Cara! I'm so glad that Tom is such a wonderful hubby and dad to you and your girls! You deserve it!!

I still remember the night that we were in your condo, all dancing to some crazy, freakish song (the one on a movie - I can't remember the name of it) and Tom was stinkin' hilarious!! I think we got some of it on video. And I think I peed my pants from laughing so hard. Anyway...happy birthday, Tom!!

Nikki said...

WOW!!! TOM has so really great qualities! Plus he has the most brillant wife and 2 adorable daughters! I loved reading this and you have some really great photo shots of Tom too! You are an inspiration to wives everywhere! Way to go Cara!

mjilsteele said...

What a tribute of love! I enjoyed every idea that you expressed. I am a little prejudiced of couse. Cara, you are quite a lady and a terrific wife. Love, Mj Steele

Anny said...

Sorry I am so behind on my comments. I think I read Tom's birthday post last week, but I noticed I didn't comment. I HAVE to wish Tom a "happy late birthday". You two are awesome to each other and great examples to so many! Thanks for sharing a little about Tom. I hope his birthday was awesome!

mjilsteele said...

I wanted to read this blog again because it brings such joy to my heart to know of the love that you have for one another. Cara, you have a beautiful way of expressing yourself. I am very thankful that Tom chose you for his Eternal Companion. That certainly shows how truly smart and spiritually wise he is. By the way, I do love hearing all the good praise about our son, Thomas Lamar Steele! Your other Mom, Marjorie