Sunday, September 21, 2008

52 BP Week 35

For my blessing this week it has to be
Hair Color

I would look like I was 74 if I didn't color my hair - I have A LOT of gray.

My Grandma went gray very early - I think in her 20's or early 30's. I must have inherited her gray hair gene because I would be gray as well.

I used to color my own hair (thanks Monica for teaching me) but the gray just wouldn't stay under cover very long. So now my dear sweet friend Brook colors it with massive amounts of some special potion to put that gray hair in it's place!

Tom is always worried that he looks so much older than me (even though he is younger). I'm just thankful I have great hair color or I would be the one looking like I have a 36 year old son!~
**On a side note**
Yesterday I was getting ready for a baby shower and I had about 5 min. to do my hair and put make-up on. I had just gotten out of the shower, dressed and blow dried my hair. I thought I would put the make-up on in the car later (which I never did). I looked in the mirror to check my hair and put the finishing touches on when....BAM!! All of a sudden I had grown an inch of gray roots over night! Does that happen to you? Jeez!! It's like all of a sudden I have a root problem! Anyway, I thought,

"Oh no! What do I do? I have 5 min to get out the door and my roots are horrid??!!"

I mentally ran through different options:
1. eyeliner...nope none of them are sharpened and I have lost my sharpener.
2. mascara...nope wrong color - black on gray in brown hair - I don't think so.
3. eyeshadow....didn't think that would work. (but now I've been told it does)
4. brown crayola marker in the girls marker drawer....BINGO! worked like a charm! Totally covered my gray hair right in front near my part that was most noticeable. worked. Tom thinks I am completely white trash but worked!

So if you are ever in need of some root color until you can get to the hair dresser:
These babies are non-toxic, washable, and come in a variety of colors to match your mood!

Happy Sunday ♥


loving life with livie said...

i can't believe you're grey. wow!

and are NOT white trash!'re resourceful!

Crazymamaof6 said...

too cute! hey and love the match your mood part. mine would be fuchsia. of course.

i don't color yet because i get a cheap thrill from pulling out all my grays. BUT someday soon the gray/bald spot will grow and i'll have to start coloring.

i'll have to remember this trick for when i do, i am horrible about getting my hair done.

Vidal's Nest said...

Ahh a fellow trashy woman!
I guess that's why I like you so much! You crack me up!
I'll have to give it a try! Thanks for the tip!

momof3crazykids-Val said...

You are oh so cute. I will have to try that. My hairstylist is moving by the end of the year and I don't know what to do. I might just have to use this trick at some point☺

Nikki said...

Genius! I absolutely will remember this one!
{I too suffer from early graying- the curse of dark hair is that the gray shows so easily!} :(

Kristi said...

I am going to have to keep that one in mind for when unexpected grays pop up! Luckily I don't have too many...yet!

Crystal Star said...

No way- marker. You're too much.

Erin said...

Cara, you are hilarious. I miss you!

raising4boys said...

That's a great one! Too funny that you used markers, but whatever works right? I have never colored my hair, it would be fun!

Becca said...

I know what you mean with all of a sudden root problem. I don't know how that happens. That was pretty smart thinking with the markers. I don't think that would have crossed my mind.

Katie said...

Ha ha I LOVE it!!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Wonderful blessing! Quick thinking on the marker! :)
Thankfully, my hair is holding out a bit longer than my mom's did! I'm sure one day soon I'll be thankful for hair color!

Jenifer said...

Love it! You always crack me up. and I may just try that chicken tonight, it looks and sounds so good!

Anny said...

LOL. You sure crack me up Cara. I'm with Tom, just kidding, hee hee. Actually that is pretty creative, I just go around for 3 months thinking I look great! Next time I'll remember this post.

SongBird said...

Cara, Thanks for the tip. I had the same experience this weekend and I couldn't figure out what to do. Maybe we should invent something and make a million. Tom could patent it for us....anyway, until then I will put my brown marker in my make-up bag :). (too bad this only works for burnettes huh?) Can you believe our genetics....thanks great gran-Eckhart for the celestial roots. (by the way, this is cousin amy...)

Cindy said...

Cara -- you soo crack me up, girl! I can't believe this worked! I am definitely going to try it out!! And you are so far from white trash - it's not even funny. I love your guts!

The {Prince} Family said...

ha! That is why I love ya girl... too cute!

crystal said...

Oh Cara, this is HILARIOUS!!! But they don't come in "blonde." I'll just have to use the bright blue. I'll be gorgeous.