Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shots for Abby

Today I had to take Abby in to the Doctor to get her kindergarten shots. I thought I was done but she was missing some and they were going to make her stay home until we got them done.

I told her what we were going to be doing and she seemed fine with it. Didn't really even care it seemed. We had to wait for 1 1/2 hours to get in to the Dr. My appt. was at 10:30 and at 12pm we were seeing the Dr. I'm not sure what was going on but once the Dr heard this she was SO mad! I feel sorry for the girl at the front desk. AND, I did have an appt. It wasn't a same day - I'm sick appt. Seriously.

Anywho, Abby had to pee in a cup and she just sat there and giggled and giggled. She thought that was the weirdest thing I ever made her do! I thought she was being cute about it. Then the nurse came in and brought another nurse to help with the 5 shots. i just sat there praying that these shots wouldn't make her sick. please, please, please don't make her sick, or give her autism, or mess with her brain. I asked if I could do them two different visits and they said it would be fine so I just prayed and prayed and prayed.

The nurses got on either side of her and poked her twice in each arm and one in her leg and do you know what Abby did?

She giggled the whole time! Just giggled and laughed and did not cry. The nurses were floored. I was shocked. Well, kind of shocked. She didn't cry when we got her ears pierced either. Didn't even flinch. She is some kind of super girl. High pain tolerance and the ability to giggle instead of cry. Yep, she's my girl.

When I took her to school afterwards (she was late), she had 5 huge princess stickers all over her shirt, five band-aids on her arms and leg and got to be the superstar of the class. I told the teacher and the class that she got 5 shots and didn't even cry. Everyone thought she was amazing. I thought so too. It was pretty cute.

Her only request for getting the shots were:
"Mom can you take me to the mall?"

Yep, she's my girl alright!

(I'll have to post a picture later)


Jenifer said...

Impressive! I don't think I could have been that brave! What a kid.

Britta said...

Nyah came home from school and told us all about it.

Anny said...

Good for her! Brynn didn't cry either but bawled that night when her legs ached. Oh well. What a cutie! Glad she found it funny!

Crystal Star said...

She has such a joy of life personality. I love that smile. She was meant to be yours.