Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crazy Busy!

Today was a busy day. I left the house at 9:30am and didn't come home again until 4:20pm. Abby and I went to Lowe's and got plants for her Kinder-garden. Today the entire kindergarten in the school planted flowers, vegetables, vines, anything they wanted in their very own playground. During recess time they can water and tend to their plants and see them grow. I just love that!!!

I got the car washed today too. I found a pretty cool car wash where you drive thru and you get a free vacuum. I'm sick of paying a lot for my car to be washed and them not doing a very good job. Did you know they want $15.00 to wipe down a seat? I asked if they could wipe down the back seat and they wouldn't do it. I asked if they could just squirt it with there little squirt bottle and wipe it down - it takes all of 2 whole minuets and they said $15.00 a seat!!!! I told them to forget it, came home and got my very own little quirt bottle out with a nice rag and had all my seats wiped clean in 3 min. Talk about a rip-off!!! No wonder there is never any cars at that car wash!

After that I stopped into Charlette Rouse to buy Brooke her B-Day present and bought me a little something as well. Abby loved looking at the shoes and picked out the cutest pair!! She asked me, "Mama, what makes these shoes hurt you?" "My ankle doesn't bend into shoes that high" I told her. So sad for me but oh so fun for her when she is old enough to wear shoes that high and cute! Cassidy already has a pair of the cutest red striped sling back wedges. I about died when I saw them and they look so cute on her and not too old which is important!

I met Monica, Mindy, Lori and Brooke at Pita Jungle for Brooke's Birthday Lunch. So yummy and healthy! I had the Caribbean Salad which was all fruit and coconut with a strawberry drizzle of some kind. YUM!!!

Then I ran to the school, unloaded all the plants, got Garrett and Zac (my nephew's) met Abby on the kindergarten playground and helped them plant tomatoes, lettuce, and flowers. They had a blast before we had to run off again to gymnastics. I dropped Garrett and Abby off then took Zac to get Cassidy at the bus.

After everyone was home we frosted sugar cookies, played uno, forgot Activity days so I had to run Cassidy over there, then cleaned up and vacuumed and mopped the dirty disgusting floor.

Dinner was whatever they wanted because by this point I was pooped! Put the kids in the bath - p.j.'s now I'm off to read them a story and say good night!

I love a busy day now and them but I sure do love staying home in my nice quiet house!!!!!!

(I am so behind in laundry, blogs, e-mails, party planning, cleaning, pictures to smug-mug, serving others, etc, etc..........I'll have to kick it in gear if I'm going to be ready for Christmas!)


Crazymamaof6 said...

that is some serious crazy! hugs! sounds like fab day. and totally the way to go for dinner. you can't be everything and do everything at once.
sugar cookies! IMPRESSIVE!

Becca said...

Sounds about like my days. I so look forward to a full day at home, doesn't happen very often however:(

Anny said...

Yep, I could right a post like that most days. I agree a day home it so nice! You're a great mom though for doing so much because you can! P.S. I love the high heels story, your girls are so cute!