Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Photos

Last Saturday I took my girls to get their pictures taken from my real life blogging friend Ashley. They turned out amazing of course because lets face it......she is awesome!

Not only are her pictures beautiful but she can get my grouchy girls (who are sick of me taking pictures of them) to SMILE!!!! Yes -smile AND look like they are enjoying themselves! Yes, she really is a miracle worker.

Are you wondering where all this is going? I'm going to tell you but 1st you have to go look at her photo blog:
Sunshine and Shade

There you will see all her amazing photo's including pictures of my girls. (They are at the top on her banner in their 4th of July outfits and also down below in their Halloween costumes. )

O.K. Now for the kicker - SHE IS HAVING A GIVE AWAY!!! She's giving a free fall photo session. Now since I already e-mailed her requesting a fall photo session I have to at least try and win it for free.....right?

So go see all the beauty on her blog - I Believe in Miracles and Sunshine and Shade. She's good...really good!!! (And she's nice too♥)


Janae said...

how do i get to her photo blog??? i want to see the girls pictures

Erin said...

I had her take my kids 4th of July pics too. She is great.

onehm said...

:) Thanks for the props, Cara!
You are the BEST!!

Hope you win....

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

If only I lived in AZ! But alas, I live in MT! Good luck winning! :)

Becca said...

Wish I lived in Arizona to get be part of the give away. Cute pictures though....expecially of your two:)

Anny said...

Darling pictures! I would love to learn photography! Would she do a sitting in Utah? JK