Saturday, November 22, 2008

Abby's Cupcake Birthday Party

I posted a TON of pictures of Abby's party. The problem is....I posted them backwards. The ones up here at the top are at the END of the party. So to get the full effect you have to scroll to the bottom of this post and read as you scroll up. So sorry!

One thing I would like to mention about this party is that the girls were so well behaved. My MIL and I just kept looking at each other in amazement. Such a huge difference from the night prior. They were so quite and well behaved. So impressive!

I also had to clean everything up from Cassidy's party friday night at 9pm and re-decorate for Abby's party because EVERYTHING WAS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! I know - I'm a nut-ball. Next year - same party theme different day. Not different party theme same day - dummy!

Another thought was how cute the girls were when the doorbell rang and they saw their kindergarten teacher. Shaylee was invited so of course Lynn came along. The girls were so excited to see her!

Two hours was the perfect amount of time for everything we did. Abby and the girls were happy and had fun with everything we did. They were so EASY!!!! After the party I didn't see Abby for the rest of the day. She spent it opening and playing with all her new loot! Thank you everyone for a great party!

Now don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the post and read. Sorry about the backwards picture post!

The girls dancing to the music on Abby's CD that we made for everyone to take home. Cassidy taught the girls a few new moves that we learned the night before. They had so much fun dancing. I guess that goes to show you that it doesn't matter how old you are you can dance at any age!
Abby's BIG cupcake cake. I wonder what her wish was?
This is the face she made when I said it was time for presents. Pure excitement. Especially since she watched her sister open presents the night before. She knew exactly what was coming!
All the pretty little girls in their aprons that I made from a Dollar Store dish towel and ribbon ($2 total)
Abby had her turn 1st and got it the closest. We didn't have a winner because I forgot about prizes and gave the girls their lip gloss and rings at the beginning - oops! Good thing they didn't ask.
We played "pin the candle on the cupcake"
Abby in her apron. Love the pose girlfriend!
The girls took a break and ate a little snack. They were so quite and good! After the party the night before my MIL and I just kept looking at each other at the difference!
Taking a turn at mixing the cupcake batter
Love this shot of the cuties and their apron strings
Then we made cupcakes.
The girls were so good about taking turns and following directions.
We read the story Pinkalicious where the little girl ate too many pink cupcakes and turned pink!
A terrible shot of the pink and black birthday banner that Panda made and I bought. I had made the one I had up for Cassidy's party and a valentine one so when I saw this one for sale at Panda's I snatched it up quick. And it was worth ever penny! It's so cute and sparkly and glam!

Punch and plates. Why am I posting pictures of this? Boring?! Sorry about that.
The island all dressed in pink and white fru-fru!! Candy, donuts, lip gloss, marshmallow bites,
Fruit, pink marshmallows, more candy. Who knew the girls would NOT eat the chocolate dipped strawberry's but ate ALL the raspberry's.?
I think these are so cute. Not sure how they tasted but they are cute none the less. (pink marshmallos dipped in white chocolate them sprinkled with red, pink and white sprinkles.
More fluff and fru-fru with a glimpse of the cake.
Yummy treats for the little girls. And me!


Erin said...

Seriously you have the cutest birthday parties. I wish you had a boy so that you could have boy themed parties and I could copy you. Oh well, I guess Kate will get to have all the fun.

Webb Family said...

That is so stinkin' cute!
You are so fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

Love the parties!! No body throws a fun frilly party like my Cara! Also love the pics.

Crystal Star said...

What a dream! I want to have a grown up cupcake party!

crystal said...

Oh la la! What a party! Will you throw ME a bday party? May 23rd. hee hee.

I have so much to say! Those pics are NOT boring! I enlarged every single one & studied it in detail! FIRST: I saw those sprinkles, honey. I am the sprinkle afficianado. Love them. So proud of you! Can't have a cupcake party w/o the SPRINKS, now, can you?!

SECOND: I use that same glass jar as my punch "bowl." Love it!

THIRD: Where, oh where did you get that luscious square cake platter??? And the dotted candy dish??? They are to die for.

Okay, enough from me. What a fun, cute party. You are my idol.

Becca said...

Those aprons turned out so cute!! What a fun and creative party. You look like you could throw b-day parties professionally.