Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cassidy's Birthday Party

We had Cassidy's Party this weekend. She loved it! The kids loved it! I loved it! I'm so glad it's over! (ha-ha) No really I'm glad it's over and I LOVED having it in November instead of December. It was so fun to plan and I could just focus on birthday's instead of every other holiday have to's.

She wanted a dancing and singing party and invited 25 girls. 16 came. What a fun group. Very outgoing and game for anything. All the girls sang, danced and snacked. They loved the High School Musical Sing It game on the Wii. They would have played that all night! I think it would have worked better with a smaller group. And yes, I know it was a large group. A little too large maybe, but everyone had fun. I was so proud of Cassidy for wanting such a large group and then being right there in the middle of it all the whole night. She is really coming out of her shell! She was very good about making sure everyone was included and playing with everyone at different times.

I am so grateful for:
Tom - for burning all the CD's for me and taking my CD covers and making them look so professional! I was just going to print them on the computer but he took them to his guy and had them printed and they turned out so perfect! Tom's the MAN! Plus, he loves his little Cassidy and would do just about anything for her! ♥
Monica for coming over in the afternoon and working her tail off glittering those microphones for me. They turned out so cute and the girls just LOVED them!! She also frosted Cassidy's very large cupcake which turned out sooooo cute!
Mindy for coming to the party and staying the entire time!! It was so loud and she was always stepping in to help me when my game didn't work out or to mop up spills. Then she helped me clean up and wash dishes afterward even though I knew it was well past her bedtime! (wink Ü )
You girls are my sisters from another mister and I love your guts!

Then I would like to thank my MIL who saved Cody from the attack of the fourth graders, caught some of the girls jumping on Cassidy's bed, cleaned up a broken glass from the rocks outside, swept up endless crumbs and endured 16 very loud and crazy 10 year old's for three whole hours!! Major points there Mom!!!! Thank you so much!

Kurt - I asked to borrow his Disco ball. He replaced the motor and made a stand for it since I didn't have anywhere to hang it. I'm sure it took hours! He loves to weld and made it work so Cassidy could have the disco ball for the party. What an awesome Uncle and Brother!!!!

All in all it was a great party and Cassidy hasn't stopped smiling for days. Isn't that what birthday's are supposed to do?! I'm glad she feels special. Because that's exactly what she is....

***pictures of the party***

The one and only shot of most of the girls. I forgot to get a group picture!

I even had a turn at the singing machine!
Emma and I were partners until Shelby got brave and took over the mic.

Name that tune - my brother's made this cool game for their Sunday School classes. They do reviews ever once in a while and bring this in. The kids love it. I begged and borrowed it and it worked great. I just didn't have any easy songs for the girls so I ended up humming tunes like twinkle twinkle little star. Next time It will be better! Love Chantelle in her disco wig! I'm telling you - these girls were game for anything!
Happy Birthday Cassidy!!!
Cassidy among the group ready to sing to HSM (High School Musical).
napkins and forks (duh!)
Marshmallows dipped in chocolate then added sprinkles.
Cutest cupcake!
Snacks and Candy and cupcakes. We had tacitos, pizza bites, chips, salsa, fruit, cheese, crackers, veggies, candy, cupcakes, marshmallow bites, punch. I think they got their fill.
wGlittered Microphones for the girls to sing their hearts out!
Cassidy making a wish - love those cheeks!


Webb Family said...

You are so talented and what a FUN mama!!!
Kelsey had a blast & Cody thought it was great that he got tackled by all the girlies!

Crystal Star said...

That is a hoot! What fun. Next bookclub?

Becca said...

The girls looked like they were having a blast. Again, wow, you know how to throw them on. You really should go professional.

Cute cupcake cake, how did you do that?