Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Story Time

Tonight Tom read to Cassidy so I went in to suggle with Abby. Once I had laid down on her bed I didn't feel like getting back up to pick out a book to read. So I suggested I tell her a story instead. I only came up with two off the top of my head, Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood. She chose Little Red Riding Hood.

I have to tell you what a fun experience this was for me. Normally I am reading the book and paying attention to the words and the pictures. Always carelful to point out different things that are happening and asking different questions about the story as we go along.

But tonight was different.

Abby had turned on her side and had her sweet, almost five year old face directly across from mine (about 3 inches) so i could see every expression on that tiny little face.

It made the story so much more fun! Her eyes would get big, her eyebrows went up, then down and her smile was huge at times. As we laid there with her looking at me I could tell that a story was forming in her cute, little, brand new imagination.

I asked her afterward if she could see the story in her mind. She said, " I saw the pictures in my brain!" We talked about imagination and how fun it is. (believe me when I tell you this girl has been using it for a LONG time!) What a priceless experience. I wanted to write it down so I could always remember it. Too bad I couldn't whip out my camera and take a picture of her face while I was telling the story. Even I (who is obsessed with the camera) knows that would have ruined the moment. And what a moment it was. ♥

So I ask you - have you told a story to a little one latley and seen the magic of their imagination?


onehm said...

You two are the dreamiest parents ever. Lucky little ladies that call you Mama and Daddy!!

PS. I'm editing your photos AS I TYPE and am in love with them. Seriously. In. Love.
I'll be mailing out your CDs tomorrow!! (For REAL this time!)

Crazymamaof6 said...

Such a sweet moment.

Nikki said...

The perfect experience. Love it. These are the moments when you wish you could take pictures with your eyes!
I'm sad to say that bedtime is always so rushed, I haven't read a story - or told a story to anyone in a while! :(

Crystal Star said...

No I haven't. But you've inspired me! I will say that I have watched Ella who is the master storyteller weave a tale that can hold adults captive. It's so much fun to watch!

crystal said...

What a darling memory for you to treasure. You are such a nice mom; I get grouchy at night.

Melody said...

I think some of the most precious moments we share with our kids just can't be captured on film, and even if a camera is handy, the image somehow can't capture all the emotion, etc.involved. But, what a beautiful word picture you painted with this post Ü

Becca said...

I'm not a very good story teller. I used to lay and sing 5 or 6 songs each night to the kids. Lately I just have them listen to their grandpa's cd telling stories while falling asleep. I do miss those nightime moments. It is hard when all four want you to lay with them... all at the same time.

Kass said...

My kids love when I tell them stories & I love it too. It's something we started as a tradition driving the 30 min. or hour drive to/from family dinners on Sundays. I am so beat at the kids' bedtime I'm not good a telling stories then. Thanks for the reminder of this great bonding tool!