Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Free" Family Fotoshoot

I'm sure I have already gone on and on about my friend Ashley and her blog and her cute family and her amazing photography. But did I mention that I won my photo shoot from the contest on her blog? Oh yeah, I guess I did. Sorry about that. I'm just still so excited about it! Here are some of the pictures she sent me. You can see some of these on hers but I wanted to post them on mine too. She's starting her mini-sessions so if you need pictures - contact her!

Now, about family pictures. I know how my family feels about pictures which is probably the same for every other family in America. My girls complained because we had just done Halloween pictures until I asked them if they wanted me to send Christmas cards with a witch and a princess inside. Then they were cooperative. I thought Tom was going to be a hard sell but he was very patient even though he was dressed for Fall and it was 87 degrees outside. Sorry honey!

My favorite comment from this shoot was when we were getting ready and the girls were informing me that "they did not like these clothes!"

This is when I informed them that, "this is the only time that none of you have an opinion! I'm the Mom and I get to pick the clothes for family pictures and that's that!"

Is that how all us Mom's are? I would like to know. I'm not the only crazy picture taking mama out there am I? I would be interested to find out from all of you out in bloggerville.

Anyway, family pictures are done.
One thing crossed off my holiday list.
2937 more to go!
Wish me luck!


Megan said...

That is EXACTLY how all moms are when it comes to family pictures. it is are right!!
For our pictures livy was wearing a velvet jacket and it was probably a cool 87 degrees as well, but I wouldn't let her take it off

Crystal Star said...

Ditto. "I hate this, I don't want to wear this". "I really don't care what you want". "Yes you do". "Well, not today".

Becca said...

That's why we do family pictures every two or three years. What to wear? Your pictures look awesome!