Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun

We had a very nice Thanksgiving. I thought we wouldn't be doing anything at all since both families had other plans but it worked out.
(Abby & London)
First we started out by having brunch at my house with Tom's parents and sister Elena's family. We had waffles with strawberry's and whipped cream, sausage, bacon, muffins, orange juice, apple juice, fresh fruit and "omelet eggs". It's got everything an omelet would have - green onions, tomatoes, fresh basil, cheese - but it's scrambled. Much easier!
Then we spent the morning playing bowling on the Wii. Man that thing comes in handy when we have people over. It's instant entertainment! The kids took turns jumping on the tramp while I lounged around after my big meal.
Slade playing the Wii
At 2pm we headed out to take family pictures of ALL of Tom's family. Mike and Colette were in town so I scheduled a photog session with me as the photographer. It was a big undertaking but it turned out after everyone got there. Now we have a family picture with everyone but Dave and Patty. He was sick and unable to come. The kids had a fun time playing with their cousins while we were waiting for everyone to show up.
Yes - this is a BIG family!!
We are missing two people in the picture Patty and Dave.

We then headed over to Gary and Sues for dinner. This was a nice surprise since I thought we weren't going to eat a turkey dinner this year. It was nice spending it with family. Even if the family is HUGE and LOUD and CRAZY!!! It wouldn't be any fun otherwise!

For my family dinner we met on a different day. It's easier that way. Then you don't have to eat twice. We all went to Matt's house this year. The food was delicious! Thanksgiving is my favorite dinner of the year. I love every single bit of it. And I eat every single bit of it too! My family is a huge cranberry sauce fan. Just my brothers and I. no spouses likes it and I don't think any of the kids like it. Tom's family hates it so I usually end up bringing it just for me. It's nice to have brothers who like the same thing as I do so I don't think I'm crazy! Or should I say normal around the crazies!
This was such a fun night! I loved the tracking system
After dinner Matt brought out the Dukes of Hazzard card game I got him for his birthday. (this was a favorite childhood game that we played 1000's of times)He had made an elimination board for us and had us play till someone won. I forgot what that's called. Anyway it was soooo fun! I think my brothers and I were the only ones who liked the game but we all had lots of laughs non the less.
Jones, Pam and Tom playing Dukes of Hazzard!
The winners were me, Zac and Pam. We even got prizes! Great job Matt for putting that on. Good Times I tell you!
The Winners!

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Ros said...

I loved this post...

what a huge and amazing day. Ol' Scratch is probably worrying about how to stop you from doing all these amazing family things! I think my fave of it all is hearing you bring cranberry sauce for you (with your girls watching) and your bro's Dukes of Hazzard playoff. Groovy Tuesday