Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Today Elena (my SIL) and I hit Wal-Mart at 4am. Yep you read that right 4am. I thought the sales started then but that was at Kohls. I was very surprised how empty Wal-Mart was when we got there. We walked around the store scouting out the items we wanted then buying piddly stuff.

About 4:24am the workers started unwrapping the big door busters towards the front of the store. I happen to be right by the dishes I wanted so I grabbed them and sent Elena to the printer and chair she wanted. We were done in no time!! I couldn't believe the deals. A crock-pot $4 a vacuum $8 and it wasn't cheesy! Too bad I was on a budget. There were great deals!! When we got in line there was only one person ahead of us! The Wal-Mart we went to was not crowded and there was plenty of deals for everyone. Very positive experience. (my 1st Black Friday at Wal-Mart)

Then we headed over to Game Crazy and got a couple of things on our list. They were open at 5am. We then met up with Gena, Mindy and Monica in line at Target. They had a great spot! There were people at the front of the line in tents! Can you believe that? I don't care how good the deals are - tents?? No thanks!

This year we divided and conquered. It was great. I headed off for my list of playdough, Mindy got the cameras, Elena got the Rip sticks, Gena got the GPS' and Monica the sheets. We met back up after we had gotten everything and more and divided everything into carts and wha-la BAM! We were done.

While we were waiting in the nice quite purse isle for everyone to finish up I saw this beautiful girl with long curly strawberry blond hair. I looked at her more closely and I swear it was the actress who played Victoria (the bad vampire) in Twilight. I froze. What do I do I asked myself? She wouldn't be shopping at Target on Black Friday like the rest of us would she? So I ran (oh yes I did) and grabbed Mindy and drug her over to the infant section and she looked and her eyes got huge and ran to get Gena. We were all hiding behind the clothes peeking out at this girl trying to decide if it was her or not. We decided we had to call in the expert. Monica. I got her on the phone and had her come find us. She took one look and said, "Not Her!" I asked if she was sure and she said, "I've seen it 3 times I would know." So no movie star at Target today but it sure was exciting there for a minute. Later I went up to the Vampire clone and asked her if she's seen the movie twilight. She hadn't so I informed her that she looked just like one of the characters and even though she was the evil vampire she was very beautiful. She said she will have to go see it now.

After Target we headed to Kohls for more great deals. I was hesitant because last year the lines were horrendously long. Not this year, they moved very fast and wasn't so bad. I'm sure the people behind Elena and I weren't too happy when we finally got to the front and Monica, Mindy and Gena came and cut right in. I was afraid to turn around and see if we were getting evil eyes?!
Elena, Me, Gena, Monica, Mindy
We then headed out for some food with one last stop at Sams Club. There were some pretty good deals there. Who would have thought? I'll have to post a picture of us later while we were at Sams Club. We found this nice vignette set up with a couch, two chairs and huge TV playing a movie and a fireplace with fire. We parked it there while we were waiting for Gena. I asked for popcorn and some hot chocolate but no one brought me any. The nerve! I also asked for a different movie but the workers just ignored me. jeez!

All in all it was a great day. I came home and took a 3 hour nap and feel ready to go again.
I'm sold on Black Friday. The key is to go with great friends, have a plan and laugh a lot! It's also a great idea if you can somehow get an endless supply of money. Being on a budget really cuts into the fun! But we managed♥


Ros said...

Do I get to be the first to comment! K, so now I want to be a little mouse in your purse to see all the excitement. =) Next, wrapping... anyone down for a wrapping party?

Nikki said...

So fun! I really feel like I missed out not going this year. I wasn't prepared, didn't get a newspaper in time, and needed to catch up on some major sleep to hopefully kick my cold to the curb anyway.
Glad you found so many great deals! I feel very behind in my Christmas shopping now!

lindsey said...

which walmart did you go to?? the one we went too was packed! i love black friday shopping :)

Webb Family said...

I had a wonderful first time at Black Friday too.
And, I will be going ever year for sure!!

raising4boys said...

I usually send my hubby out to get the deals for me and I stay home with the kids.

I had to laugh at this comic because he had to get up early and WORK at Best Buy this year at 4 am!!!

Becca said...

I just took a long 10 hour non- stressful drive to Idaho. Very nice.