Friday, December 5, 2008

December....... upon us.

It has come fast and even though I have my girls birthdays and Christmas cards out of the way - I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Why do we do this to ourselves? Or should I say.....Why do I stress so much?


O.K. I'm feeling a little bit better.

I realized that I am so used to being in panic mode for the entire month of December that I really have gotten a lot of my list checked off already.

Cassidy's birthday party done- Check
Amberly's birthday party done- Check
Christmas cards made - check
stuffed - check
stamped - check
Friends and neighbor gifts bought - Check
Still have to make F & N gifts - Uncheck (see above)
Friends pictures taken - cards made - check


Yesterday Mindy and I did a team photo shoot of Lori's family. They are one beautiful family AND they all pose and smile on demand. Amazing!

Mindy and I had fun that's for sure. We thought in addition to the party planning business we want to start with Monica we could also do photography. We would be the party planers / photographers. Ha! That would be funny but it's fun to have a dream and a wish.

I have been blessed these last few weeks with an abundance of energy. I'm not sure why but it sure has been nice. I haven't had this much energy in YEARS!!!! I can go a mile a minute all day long without stopping. Pretty good for someone who has had arthritis for almost 22 years. I was hoping it would keep up through the holidays but last night I think I used it all up. I crashed and burned and the girls had to put themselves to bed. Everything hurt (even my skin) and the pain was so high I thought I was going to be sick. Luckily Tom came home about 9:30pm and tucked them in (an 1 1/2 PAST their normal bedtime). Today I have been moving slow and trying to stay on task. Laundry, photo editing, catching up on blogging. All great things to do when not feeling up to par. Please come back my endless energy friend! I miss you!!

Here's wishing your Christmas list is getting checked off and you have endless amounts of energy! Happy weekend ♥


Jenifer said...

Take care of yourself! It sounds like you have gotten a lot taken care of, I know December is a nightmare for you. I hope Tom could stay home today and spoil you!

crystal said...

Cara, you amaze me with your endless supply of happy outlook. You're such an example to me.

And you are more focused & get more done on your "energyless" days than I do, ever.