Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blooger vs. Facebook


I'm doing a little personal poll.

Is Facebook becoming more popular than Blogger?

I would like to know.

I am a fan of blogger.

I have a Facebook account but would much prefer blogger and no I don't have my blog on my Facebook account. I'm not sure I want all of my past catching up on my present. Not sure why it's o.k. to have strangers catch up on my present.
Hmmm good question.
I guess I'm a little wierd.

So my question is............
Which do you prefer?
Blogger or Facebook?

Another little question - how many of you out there reading blogs use google reader. I think the blog comments have gone WAY down since google reader. I think google needs to work on that. Aren't comments good for the soul? Pep-me-ups and all?

Just a wondering. Ü


uniquelynat said...

first of all i don't know what google reader is. i'm never up on the latest!! but i do have a facebook account for my own reason. i just don't get on there very often. if i had to choose between and could only have one of them i'd choose blogger.

onehm said...

I have TOTALLY diminished my commenting since starting the reader. But I have also cut back on the time I spend reading too...

I haven't started Facebook yet, but I have a feeling that I am just about to do so. I can't resist much longer!!

momof3crazykids said...

Oh I totally use Google reader. Love it! But I do try to link to the blog and comment.
I also have a facebook only because my sister kept posting pics of her kids on there and she doesn't have blog. I don't really use it as a blog though just to use the update status and connect with people from highschool.

Erin said...

I prefer blogger. I haven't really figured out facebook yet. The one thing I do like about facebook is that you can chat with your friends that are online. I also use google reader and admit that I comment a lot less than I used to. I wish someone would figure out a way to allow you to comment through google reader.

pam said...

I don't have facebook, but people keep asking me about it. I can't even keep my blog up to date, much less another site.

Nikki said...

I like blogger- and use the Following feature instead of Google Reader. This way I know who has posted, but I go directly to their blog which I prefer to the bland look of the Reader... and the ease of commenting right then on the blog. (how's that for a run on sentence)
I haven't been commenting too much lately on anyone's though. Just read and move on quickly... it's such a busy time right now.
I do have Facebook- just use it to see what's up quickly with old friends, but nothing too deep goes on there. My blog is listed on there just because I'm too lazy to post pictures on FB too.

lindsey said...

i have a facebook but i am like you..i refuse to put my blog on there. not really sure why. and it is true with reader, i read and then move on. its sad

Lori said...

I prefer blogging, it is my way of journaling, and fun to read others. Like someone else said, it's fun to catch up with old friends on facebook, but not something I do as often. Actually, I've been slacking in the blogging lately, too, but I guess I've just been busy like everyone else.
Oh, and I love the pictures you took. What a photographer you are!!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

i love reader. but yeah it bugs that so many read and don't come on over to comment. so i blocked the full feed. which hasn't remedied that problem.

i'm loving facebook.
and i link to my blog.
BUT i'm not sure i love that. sure it has way more stuff on there. more in depth stuff than just pictures.
and it's a way to get more people i know reading my blog. BUT i don't love that people i might not know really well anymore, get to see all the stuff i put on my blog. my failures, insecurities.rants. breakdowns.
maybe i should just stop posting that on my blog.

it's a tool. I've found some people I've been searching for. and found their blogs too.which I've searched for but never found. I LOVE THAT about facebook.

i could do without the new insecurities from it. the whole lack of success. the casual perusal based on a picture.
THAT i could do without.

but otherwise i'm loving it.

and i think most people like me are busy with other obligations and not having all the time to comment.

Janna said...

I have both, but spend more time on blogger

Nikki said...

I do both but prefer my blog because it's more personal and I wouldn't post it on facebook. I only got into facebook b/c of all my Young Women :) They are always on there and so it helps stay connected to them.

Lori ~ LL-K said...

As you know I just started using my facebook acct. So, far I like blogging better. (even though I'm weeks behind.)

Let Your Hair Down said...

I have both. I only look at facebook when someone sends me an invite to be their friend. So i guess i like blogger more. working on google reader.

Becca said...

I have no idea what google reader is, I find out about the new stuff from you or Anny. However, I love leaving and getting comments and reading what comments others put down. So, I probably would not like google reader.

I do not have a facebook account, and that is on purpose. I heard others talking about it and like it, but it isn't like blogger...little more personal. I really like blogging. Thanks for getting Anny going so she could get me going.

Jenifer said...

Facebook is so much easier, but I love blogging more. I use it for my family's journal. But i am having a lot of fun finding long lost friends! I have to admit, facebook is digging into blogging time.

The Wells Family said...

I use facebook for the connection of friends... But blogger is my favorite, more personal, don't know what the reader is.... I spend too much time blog surfing, hum maybe I should check it out. Happy Holidays.

crystal said...

I like Facebook so-so, but it doesn't have the panache that blogs do. Like you, they serve two TOTALLY different functions for me and I don't have my blog on my FB account, either! For the same exact reason... I don't want my world colliding. (to quote George Costanza)

The {Prince} Family said...

What is Google Reader? I am not quite the blogger as you Miss Cara! I started FaceBook last week but deleted it the same night because I don't want to be addicted to BLOGGER and FACEBOOK. Is that bad or what?!

The {Prince} Family said...

What is Google Reader? I am not quite the blogger as you Miss Cara! I started FaceBook last week but deleted it the same night because I don't want to be addicted to BLOGGER and FACEBOOK. Is that bad or what?!

Ros said...

Blogger Baby!

Facebook is fun, but I feel a little wierd on it. I deleted my account. I love the personalization, creativity and wordiness of blogging. I use my daughter's facebook to help keep my finger on her pulse.