Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weekend of Learning

I'm still recovering.
But it's a GOOD recovery.
A recovery of BLISS

I got to go to a Professional Photographers of America conference this past weekend. Hours and hours of photog tips and tricks. I learned about posing, lighting, photo shop, babies, backgrounds, branding, albums, pricing and selling. Most of these things I won't be using but it was fun to learn. Did I just say it was fun to learn (gasp!)

My cousin Lisa who IS a professional photographer came into town for the holidays and to attend this conference. Lucky for me she could bring a friend and I got to be her friend. (grin) Now as you know I am not, nor do I claim to be a real photographer, but I do want to take cute pictures of my kids and the occasional friend or family member so this was very helpful. I came away with a lot more knowledge than I had, and realized that my brain could never own it's own business. Leave that one to Tom or Lisa. Thank Lisa I had a blast!!!

I can't say which one thing was my favorite. I had several. I loved hearing Anne Geddes talk to us for a whole hour & a half. She told of her life and story of photography. I was impressed with her when she showed a picture of a baby she told us the name and the story of that baby and the photo shoot. She did this with each picture! She was a very humble speaker and I enjoyed her the most.

I also liked Hansen Fong. He taught the posing and lighting class. I learned how to post people to make them look big or small, or if you are big how to make you look small. Very easy tips. I'm sure I will use them.

At one table I was asking about these cute camera straps this lady was selling. I asked her if they were longer than normal. She hands me her camera and says "why don't you try it!" O.k. yay! I got to put the camera on in a very crowded squished area when this girl that is practically smashed up next to me says, "" she said this very slowly and with eyes as big as saucers. Then I realize I am holding a very large and very expensive camera. I try the camera on and give that camera right back as fast as I can. Can you imagine what could have happened??? But I guess I can say that I have held a very expensive camera huh?

I loved the trade show. Tom goes to these for his business (he goes to dental conventions) so it was fun to walk around and see what he would be doing at one. I also loved all the booths. There was a jewelry booth that was fun, someone selling very cute camera cases called jill-e - oh I so wanted the pink one. But which one? They are both so cute!And I totally stalked the Totally Rad Actions guy while he was giving demos. Since I have these actions I thought I should learn as much as I could so I kept coming back. A lot. It was a little embarrassing. But who cares - now I know what do do with those actions! There was also a booth that had the cutest frames EVER!!!! Wild Sorbet Frame Company Oh I wanted every single one. But then that would look funny if I had all those frames up in my house. I think I might have to get one for over Abby's bed. One to frame her name maybe. They were sooo cute. Oh and maybe I will get a polka dot one for the bathroom. That's an idea. Oh the possibilities.

I might just have to re-do my bathroom now that I have seen this picture. I m dying over how cute it is!!! I want it, I NEED it! How do I get it?!

But I think I have to say that my favorite part of the weekend was when Lisa and I were sitting at Anne Geddes waiting for it to start. I whip out the camera and decide we need a self portrait picture. After many attempts (many is an understatement) with no luck we had to ask the guy next to us to take our picture. By this time we are laughing so hard along with everyone around us. Here we are at a professional Photography seminar and we can't even take a decent picture of ourselves. Freakin' hilarious!Yeah, we know what we are doing!Such winners! And see the guys behind us trying to get in the picture?

Almost - but my head isn't looking right. Notice the people behind us?

The picture below is the one the guy next to us took. He was joking that he would send us his bill since you know....he is a real photographer and all.

The guys behind us were getting in on the action and trying to get in our picture. So we had to turn around and take a picture of them. We were all laughing at this point!

I had so much fun and learned so much. Thanks Lisa for inviting me to be your friend (even though you have to be my friend in real life since we are related). If you lived here I would apply to be your employee - we would have a blast!


Nikki said...

Wow! What an amazing event to attend. That would have been so much fun. Lucky girl!

idahohubers said...

Oh my goodness Cara, you summed it up perfectly! I'm living those moments all over again. It was a perfect to have you there. You flatter me with your compliments, but I'll take them! Thanks, you are the BEST! oh, I LOVE the portraits of us you choose to post. We look like pros don't we. I can get you a big print of the one where your head is cut off if you want. I look really good in that one.

Lori ~ LL-K said...

Looks like you had lot of fun! I love those camera bags!!! Thanks for sharing some cute ideas too!!

Becca said...

What fun! You are taking this photography thing to the next level. Your are inspiring me to take some classes or at least look at the DVD that came with my camera. I like both bags, but if I had to choose, I would do the second one...probably√ú

Webb Family said...

How fun!
I love all the funny photos!
Both bags are darling & we should make frames like that for Fun Friday.

Crazymamaof6 said...

so flipping awesome! love both bags , and now i need one too! you have the best taste!

so fun to go to that convention! LUCKY!

hey super fun to run into you last night!
hugs! you'll do great! i might email you with my 'tips'

Anny said...

I wish I went. I would love to learn about photography! Yes I said learn also! I'm glad you had a fun time. Maybe you can give me some tips!