Monday, February 23, 2009

My Adventure

I'm not radioactive anymore!
  Yippeefor ME!!

Over Valentines weekend (of all the weekends) I had to take my I-131 pill. This is a radioactive form of Iodine that kills off any remaining cancerous thyroid tissue, cells and I'm sure other things that I wanted to keep. I had to be totally isolated for 4 days and then I had to stay 3-5 feet away from people for 10 days. Did I mention this was OVER VALENTINES WEEKEND???

The Dr. office gave me some ideas on how to stay away from the family. I chose to stay in a Hotel. Now I know this is a bit of a controversy but let me explain that no one was in danger and I was very careful the entire time I was gone.

While I was booking my Hotel I was praying - "please let me get a good hotel, please let me get a good hotel". I use priceline and have always had excellent results with getting very nice high star hotels for very little money. Very little! This time was no exception. I was lucky to get a 3 1/2 star Hotel for cheap on this very busy weekend but when I looked at the pictures I was very disappointed. The Hotel was a Golf Resort and was older.....much older lets just say. I was picturing in my mind that I wanted to stay in a hotel similar to the one we stayed in in West Hollywood-pure luxury! No such luck. To say I was not looking forward to this weekend was a HUGE understatement!! And the hotel was just one of the factors!

So on Thursday I went to Scottsdale and was given my little tiny white pill in a little tiny clear glass vile with the yellow and black radioactive sticker on it and all I kept thinking was - this is wrong! So wrong! I don't want to do this, I don't want to do this! I am ingesting something so horrible into my body - what am I doing?????? Again, I said another prayer to help me get through this.

I then headed to the Hotel. When I got there I was still a little disappointed. It was pretty, but old and lets face it, I'm now spoiled in my hotel stays. When I got to my room there was a beautiful little table set up outside my door with roses, a card and a home made no iodine meal just for me from Monica. That made me feel a lot better and want to cry all at the same time! How sweet is she? When I got in and settled I realized the room wasn't that bad. It had a very nice, very comfortable bed, a sitting area with two reclining chairs and a little kitchen with a fridge, microwave, table and chairs. "Maybe this won't be so bad" I thought.

Over the next four days I realized how lonely living alone is. It's horrible!!! I felt so bad for my Mom who lived alone for five years before she died. My Grandma for 30 years!!! Maybe they liked it, I don't know but I vowed that anyone I knew who lived all alone was going to hear more from me!!! It's a weird feeling to not have to use your voice all day. When you do use your voice it sounds funny to you because it breaks the silence and then doesn't sound right. I always thought that I would be fine if I had to live alone. I'm an independent woman. I can be by myself just fine thank you! Well guess what? I have changed my tune! I always have told Tom that if he dies I'm NOT going to remarry - nope- no way! When I got home from this weekend alone one of the first things I said was....."I'm getting remarried if you ever die." Nice of me huh?

I did get several doorbell ditches from Mindy and Monica bringing me yummy food to fill my tummy. I also texted Crazy Mama -Julie the first night I was there letting her know what was up and the sweetie came right over and hung out with me all night~ We watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. I sucked on the sour candy she brought along with other Valentine goodies. She could come over because she's already been through this and doesn't have a thyroid. I couldn't hurt her so she dropped what she was doing and came. What a friend!
My other friend Kim came on Saturday night after calling her Dr. friend and getting the O.K. to come with instructions to not kiss me or let urine get in her eye. Yeah - I think that wouldn't be a problem! We had fun and even though we didn't go get take-out (*I wasn't feeling well) we had fun talking the night away!

I spent most of my days laying on the comfy bed watching T.V. or playing games on the computer. I did feel sick for most of the time even though the nurse said that wouldn't be the case. I would venture outside each day to sit in the sun and increase my vitamin D along with warming my bones. No one was around - I mean no one so I could sit at the pool (which was right outside my door) or on my patio and read or sleep without worrying about infecting people.
I then realized that I was blessed in getting this Hotel. Heavenly Father knows what I need more than I do. He blessed me with a Hotel that had little casitas, with no people around and access to the outside without having to go through hallways, elevators etc. I could sit outside without having to worry about people and safety. If I hadn't been able to go outside and get fresh air (I am a fresh air freak) I would have been so miserable. I was truly blessed.

By Monday I was more than ready to get home. Let me tell you! I was ready to put this horrible, boring, depressing situation behind me!! I woke up at 5:30 am and hopped right out of bed and got ready! I was checked out and in the car heading home by 7:30am. (Don't worry though - I cleaned the entire room before I left. the nurse told me how and I didn't leave one radioactive germ living - I promise!) I stopped off at Krispy Kream and picked up a dozen yummies and headed home to my sweet family! We were so excited to see each other. We opened cards, presents and shared the love that we have for each other and vowed to never be apart again! I'm so lucky to have my sweet family!!! Blessed is a better word. I am so very, very blessed!


Vidal's Nest said...

Wow. I would think it would be pretty scary having to be alone like that!
Cara, so sorry you are having to go through this.
I have found right at my lowest point it seems Heavenly Father sends me little blesings that help me put things into perspective and makes the journey easier.
I am glad to see your prayers are being answered.
I hope the worst its behind you now.hang in there! You are my hero!

Megan said...

crying, crying, crying.
Crying for you having to be alone
crying for the blessing that was your hotel
Crying for you having to clean a hotel, which is the point of a hotel, not having to clean.
I am sorry you had to go through that.
Glad you aren't radioactive anymore

Grandma T. said...

I was so glad to read about your "treatment". These are just the kind of things I have been wondering about as I have been thinking of you. I'm so glad you were able to go through with it and get it over with, but experiences like this don't "get over with" all that easily. I hope you are not feeling sick any more and that your daily life is resuming the fun you are used to. Love, Aunt Janet

Nikki said...

As always so impressed with you and your positive outlook. I have never heard of such a thing as being radioactive that no one can be around you, though obviously this is not uncommon. Thank you for sharing yourself and your experiences.

idahohubers said...

Yuck! I'm glad you had some happy moments. I hope the rest of your recovery is smooth and uneventful.

Crazymamaof6 said...

yay for small miracles with the hotel and everything. and i was SUPER happy to come and hang out for the evening. and hey if your radioactivity killed off any of my residual thyroid crap YAY! BONUS!it was a fun night out and i was happy to be able to. you could have called i would have happily come over again.
yeah i felt yucky and tired when i had my isolation. NOT FUN!

SO glad that is behind ya!

Anny said...

What an experience. I'm glad you made it through and it's over! Love your take on how Heavenly Father knows us more than we know and that you are in tune enough to recognize his gift. I hope you are still feeling better.

Becca said...

What a weekend! I think I would like to be alone for about a day, then go absolutely crazy too. I'm glad you had a friend that could come visit you, and that you had a great hotel. I'm glad you are radioactive free!!!