Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine Goodies

Aren't these the cutest. I'm so, so sorry I didn't get these posted BEFORE Valentines Day!! that way you could have downloaded them too for your goodies. Don't worry - these would be cute for any occasion because you add your own wording. You could use them for birthday parties, Easter treats, Visiting Teaching gifts, Thank You's. Be creative! Once you have downloaded them the possibilities are endless!

Each of my girls picked out which bag topper they wanted. Then I downloaded the packet, copied and pasted onto Photoshop, printed and Wha-La!!! Cute Valentine Bag toppers.
These are the ones Abby chose. They were sized for a small bag so I enlarged them and stapled to a sandwich bag filled with jelly hearts and a sucker! Abby filled all the bags - she's very good at little jobs like that. She filled Cassidy's bags too - such a good little sister she is! (Cassidy was at school already!)

Get your cute bag toppers
HERE @ Shabby Princess

I don't know about what happens at your house but at our house the Valentine Fairy comes most days before Valentine's Day. That is....if the girls have been good. The V-Day Fairy loads up at the $1 section of Target, Joann's and Dollar Tree then spreads the LOVE! This year I found two bigger bags at Marshall's and the girls used these instead of the little ones I've had for years. I tie the bags onto the backs of each chair and then we wait...............Boy do the girls get excited. It's fun to see their little faces in the morning. Thank heavens for Cassidy reminding me. There was many a morning that I had forgotten that she reminded me before Abby woke up! And yes.........The Fairy didn't come a few times because of naughty behavior!


idahohubers said...

I love that your valentaine fairy doesn't come if the girls are naughty! I try to be a tough mom like that but I often cave in! Your house is looking cute as ever and their treat bags are adorable.

Becca said...

Those bag toppers are great! What a good idea. Thanks for the info. It will definitely be used for other things.

crystal said...

hee hee...i bought 2 blog kits @ Shabby Princess and the folders have been sitting on my desktop for a month now. I think i may be too stoopid to figure out the html. :(