Monday, April 20, 2009


♥My Girls♥

The girls with their gymnastic medals.
They have been on cloud 9 all week!
Abby's friends Brittley and Shelby came over on Friday with their pet chicken.
I want a chicken!
How can I get away with chickens in my backyard?


Lori ~ LL-K said...

When you figure out how to have chickens in your back yard can you let me know!!! I want chickens too!! Cute pictures too!

Anny said...

I love the pictures. Your girls should be on cloud 9. Way to go girls! Cute chicken but my friend Pam had some chickens and they would always poop on her front steps. She gave them to a neighbor and they still came back to her house to poop on her front step. Just a caution:)

Becca said...

Pictures are beautiful! Congrats on the medals girls, they are always fun to have. Aliza's class have been waiting for a few weeks for some eggs to hatch in their room. Tuesday they finally did. They are so cute.