Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where I Have Been

Last week was LAME! I got crazy and decided to clean and rearrange the office and threw my back out. Am I really that old?? My Dad would always throw his back out and be down for days. I was down for a week. Physically and mentally. I hate it when I hurt myself on purpose! I mean come on people, some part of me hurts all the time and then I go and do something to make it worse? LAME I SAY!

Anyway, I didn't get much done last week so this week was catch up. (I'm not even going to post about last week)

Monday: Laundry and Class Chef at Abby's school. I was in charge and we made frosting. It was fun and the kids turned ordinary cupcakes into cute Easter Bunnies! Then we had Family Home Evening where I read the story Sunday Stations by Marci Cole. out of The Friend. The kids (Garrett, Zac, Abby, Cassidy, Peyton, Kaylee) loved it and seemed to learn from the story.

Tuesday: Weight Watchers - only lost .6 pounds! Cleaned, laundry, got a Hot Rock Massage to help by back. It was soooo nice! I wouldn't recommend it in the summer but would be perfect for those of you that live where it is cold. Or on a rainy day. Very relaxing. Then we had gymnastics, dinner, homework, bed - the normal daily routine.

Wednesday: I forgot to go to my blood work appointment. Oops! But I did go with M&M to do our Crack and Snack. Heh-heh. That is where we go get our back cracked by our favorite guy then go get some lunch! Crack & Snack! It's always more fun to do something with a fun name don't you think? Then Abby had gymnastics - was gymnast of the week - got a medal, and the rest of that day is a blur!

Thursday: I felt much better after my back was adjusted and actually had a good nights sleep. I was still a little sore but was in high spirits. I called Kim and her boys to go to the park before school with Miss Abby. Poor girl - I don't do this as often as I should. I need to play with her more since I only have 4 months till she's gone all day to 1st grade!!! Ugh! I then went to Kim's to help her pack (she's moving) then went on a box hunt for her (she needed smaller boxes) Later, Cassidy had gymnastics and showed her coaches her back handspring and back flip. Then she got a medal and was on cloud nine for the rest of the week. We had to hang both girls medals up in their room and take a picture. They are such cuties! I'm so proud of them.

Friday: Abby went to school at 8:15am for field day at school, Cassidy was sick so she stayed home and I went to help with the stage decorating for Cassidy's school play on Thursday. After lunch I came home and cleaned out the closets and garage and filled my car with bags and bags to take to Good Will. My back was feeling A LOT better! I hope I didn't wreck it! The day was so beautiful outside! We got new training wheels on Abby's bike - the kids played all afternoon (it was a half day) and I had a somewhat lighter house (less JUNK!).

Saturday: I went to work with Tom for a meeting with an organizational guru. I learned a lot of new tips that I am going to use on my horrid paperwork in the office. I hate paperwork because.........I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-the-paperwork. Now I have some ideas and am excited to use the new tips! I then raced home got the girls ready for birthday parties and dropped Abby off to her friends B-day party (40 min early thinking I was 20 min late! Can I just tell you how mortified I still am about that?) I took Cass to her friends then back to the office. After the meeting we ran errands, had lunch, picked up the girls went to another birthday party, came home and made dinner, played with the girls then went to bed - 10:30. Exhausted! What a busy day! I thought Saturdays were supposed to be relaxing! jeez!

Sunday: We got to church semi-on-time again this week. Only about 8 min late. We will probably master it then change to 10am (which would be my dream!) My cute little class was very good today. We talked about The Word of Wisdom. I tore out a bunch of pages from my magazine stack and we went over whether each picture was good for our body or bad. Some of the things like candy and cake are good but if we eat it too often or too much it's bad. The kids loved it and we even went over by 10 min! The funny thing was I couldn't find a single picture in any of my magazines of beer or cigarettes. My printer was broken so I couldn't print any off the net either. But the kids got it. After we came home we had "quiet time" The kids have to go to their rooms for 1 hour and read or play quietly while we take a nap. That way they don't fight as much while we are sleeping and we get a longer nap! Yep- I'm no dummy!! We are trying to plan a family reunion with Tom's side of the family for the summer. So some time was spent doing that, watching a movie with Cassidy, Made dinner, tried to make a chocolate cake with just the mix and a can of pumpkin (I'm not sure if I like it) and now I'm here catching up on the blog. Hopefully this LONG post will make me not wait so long between posts!! I like short little cute posts. Not novels like this one. (Thanks for sticking it out if you have!)♥

This week looks busy and fun! School plays for both girls, my Dad's birthday celebration tomorrow, weigh in to see if I lost any weight.

FYI on the whole weight loss thing -
No thyroid means no weight loss!
It's very discouraging!
And I'm being very good!
Only cheating a little (wink-grin)
I think it's going to take a LONG time to loose these 15 pounds!

Good night for now! I'm off to bed so I don't eat anymore chocolate cake.

Picture of the girls with their medals tomorrow!


Nikki said...

You are so productive even when you're in pain! I need to be more like you.
I'm working on re-losing 15 lbs too! :) (lost 40 a couple of yrs ago with WW, but 15 crept back.)Time to start tracking my food intake again. Anyhow- I prefer cake mix with 1 can of diet pop- any mix, any diet pop. The kids don't notice a thing! And I do cupcakes for portion control so they are 1 pt each!!
Have a great/fun/busy week!

Crazymamaof6 said...

you are a rock star!

i swear! so busy and productive.

my sister in law told me about a recipe for cake with just a cake mix and a diet dr.pepper?
i might be lying, i will get the recipe for you.
she got it at weight watchers and it was delish.

um yeah no thyroid sucks! take your pills at the same time everyday. no missing. or you will gain weight, YUCK!
obviously i have yet to master that. so take that info with a grain of salt.

hang in there.

back pain sucks.
love the crack and snack plan.

oh see nikki gave the recipe. there we go. i don't even have to get back to you on that.
that's the same one i'd heard before.

yay for the girls on their medals and skills. yay!

Anny said...

What a busy girl! I am sorry about your back :( I hope you are feeling better soon! You must feel so "light" getting all the extra junk out of your home, that should count for something! Keep smiling, you're awesome!

The {Prince} Family said...

Are you crazy Cara? Like you need to lose 15 pounds. How about GAIN 15 pounds. Seriously.

And organizing your office sounds fun! I am in the middle of doing mine. LAME.

Glad your back is feeling better!

Ros said...

I'm so happy to hear you were on time to church and that it was special enough to be included in your blog! =) Ahhh a fresh not too serious perspective, almost as refreshing as those pool pics looked ....

Becca said...

What a great week. I'm sorry to hear about your back, but glad it is feeling better. I don't have a thyroid problem and still have a hard time losing weight. I think it is the 40 year old thing. I'm doing the wieght watcher thing too, just not going to meetings. I've lost 5lbs so far.