Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top 10 Tuesday

I haven't done a Top 10 Tuesday in FOREVER so I thought I would today. It always makes me happy to think of 10 things I like so here it goes.

My Ten Favorite Pink Things in my House Right Now:
10-My calendar. It's a Mary Englebreit and it makes me happy to check it. I need to check it more. I forgot a bloodwork appointment today!9-My cupcake holder. Monica found these a few years ago at Target. It is a lifesaver and I always get comments on it where ever I take it. (last week it was to Abby's school where I was dubbed Mother of the year by some ladies in the office - GRIN♥)8-My pink roses named LOVE. I planted these when my Mom died. Her favorite thing was a pink rose (and yellow daffodil's). They are in bloom right now and so pretty. 7-the new nail polish I got for us girls in St. Tomas. It changes color when you go in the sun. I got these two pink ones (and a green and blue one). They are such FUN! These change to different shades of purple when the sun kisses them.6-My new pink and white polka dot shirt. It's so cute with a white skirt or even with jeans! You can't tell how cute it is by the lighting but I love it! Pale pink is so summery!5-My girls pink bathroom. I love these velvet curtains I used for the shower curtain. They got from floor to ceiling and are so soft and pretty. I got them at Target. I wish I could paint the bathroom some other color than drab brown! Maybe teal blue or pink and white stripes! Wouldn't that be soooo cute?!4-How about my "Picture of the Month" area in the kitchen. Too bad I haven't changed the pictures in a year or so. But Picture of the Month is what it's supposed to be. My Dad had this idea and would post a new picture by the backdoor each month. His pictures were always of someone in the family and some of them were FUNNY! Don't know where he got some of them. I need to make it a goal to change these more often. Mix it up - add some spice - blackmail someone! Heh-heh!) Thanks to Pam for Making me the little picture board. I LOVE IT! 3- my new pink scarf I got for $1 at the grand opening of Good Will last week. It's always fun to find a treasure when you go thrifting! And I love scarves these days - they hide my lovely neck scar! I got that zebra scarf at a different thrift store too! Score♥2- I am loving my Easter front door! It makes me smile every time I come home. I had a guy from church stop by and his comment was, "it takes a real man to have a pink fluffy front door!" Yes it does and we have got a REAL MAN over here who is surrounded by pink and doesn't care. Isn't he great!!!???!!and the #1 favorite PINK thing in the house right now is....................my PINK sippy cup. My girls have nicknamed it "Sippy" (we are over the sippy cup stage over here so this is why it's funny). I have this thing with me where ever I go. Ever since my surgery I am soooo thirsty! I can't go with out water for very long. So this little baby comes with me! Tom made fun of me the other night because he woke up and it was in the bed with us. He-He. I had woken up in the night taken a drink and went back to sleep and oops forgot to put it back on the end table. I finally bought him one for Easter and he has started carrying it around with him. Who's in love with the "sippy" now huh??
What are your favorite pink things?
Do you have to have water every where you go?
Would your Husband care if you had a pink fluffy front door?
Which one of these things do you like the best?


Nikki said...

Not alot of pink stuff around the house- I'm more of a blue and green gal I guess. I do have some cute collapsable pink measuring cups though! :)
I don't think my husband would allow pink fluffiness around his front door.
Love the cupcake holder. I NEED that!( I wanna be mom of the year too!) But I think your roses are the best- what a great reminder of your mother!

Anny said...

I love pink too! I bought a pink water bottle for a hike a couple of years ago and I laugh when Zack or Max grab it for soccer or football practice. Which explains why my husband or boys wouldn't care if I had a pink fluffy door. It's so cute by the way! I do have to drink water all day and at night. It is Jim's job to make sure I have a full glass of ice water on my nightstand at night. I don't know how this became his job but he is faithful, even when he forgets he will get out of bed, go downstairs and get my water. Such a great man! Cute post!

Crazymamaof6 said...

I HAVE THE SAME PINK WREATH!(i won it at bunko) but mine is inside. love it with the garland. i went back to buy it and it was all gone. DARN IT!

fabulous scarves! SO CUTE and love a fab find!

the shower curtain is darling! fun pink !!

Cyndi said...

The only thing in our house that's pink is our dog's leash and that's because someone else bought it! LOL! You're not surprised my house of men lacks pink, are you?

How are you feeling?? I can't imagine not having a thyroid, my body is bad enough with one that doesn't really work well but at least it's there and works some!

Thinking of you...

Cerella said...

Too funny! About 15 years ago I had my tonsils taken out and I had to drink the water for my throat. I got soo used to drinking all of that water, I never stopped. To this day, I still carry a water bottle with me ANYWHERE I go!!!