Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One Week of School.

Is it just me or did this year fly by? Man it went fast!

We got Cassidy's 4th grade State Report done yesterday. She presented it and did a fabulous job. Her aide and I were so proud of her and her confidence. She has come a long way this year. I think it's because she is getting older, but mostly because her aide - Miss Cass (they share the same name isn't that fun?) is so wonderful! I am so thankful for her and her amazing patience and creativity with the kids. I hope Cassidy can have her next year! Wouldn't that be just a dream!!!

Today is Crack and Snack. That's where we (M&M&I) go get our backs cracked then go to lunch afterward. However, lunch may be cut short due to it being a half day at school. I hate half days. And why do they have to be on Wednesday? Fridays would be so much better!!! But for some reason - the school district isn't listening to me. Huh...I wonder why?

This week - so far - has had me doing laundry (one whole day on my dear daughters laundry!), bill paying, virtual house hunting (just dreaming), gymnastics, and finishing up school projects. Today will be more laundry (after crack and snack), more gymnastics, and hopefully some swim time! Cause it's getting hot around here!!!!

One last thing before I am off to get ready:

My house has a funky smell. I can't find it and I can't place the smell. I've vacuumed every crevice, cleaned every corner, emptied the fridge of any questionable possibility. I even emptied the ice onto my rose bush to get some fresh ice in the freezer. My cat is alive so I know it's not something dead. (that happened once - the cat died and we couldn't find it. But that my friends is another story for another time.) I have candles burning, doors open in the wee hours of the morning but still.......a strange funk. Any ideas?



Tracy said...

I might have an idea. Do you have a garbage disposal? That happen to me once and drove me crazy. I tryed everything. There is a slim that builds up under the rubber thing. I found a product called Disposer Care,garbage disposer cleaner in my grocery store in the isle where they sell diswasher soap. You put one packet in and turn hot water on to a slow trickle, then turn on disposal. It foams up and cleans away EVERYTHING. Hope it works. It was my smell.P.S. Love your blog.

Tracy from Iowa

Jenifer said...

I was going to say disposal too...put an orange or lemon peel down there. It makes it smell yummy!

Cindy said...

Do you have any rotten potatoes hiding away in your pantry somewhere?? When those things slip away and hide underneath a shelf or cabinet and rot -- they STINK to high hell!! True Story.

Megan said...

Crack and snack.... I can't stop giggling about that.

Crazymamaof6 said...

OH maybe it's residual dust/funk from last year's , you just started running the A/C right?

mine is funktastic. from not enough fresh air flow. i run the A/C 24/7 and seriously, i need to get on my laundry.


yay for crack and snack.

Becca said...

Crack and Snack sounds fabulous. I was going to say potatoes may be the prob. too. That's always the culprit when my house stinks.

Christi said...

When I smell funky, unidentified things it usually means I'm pregnant! Good thing you're safe from that one!

pam said...

Okay, I told you! What Odor?

crystal said...

I vote pantry. (i almost typed "panty." Gross!)

I'm laughing and LAUGHING about the dead cat smell, and you haven't even told the story yet!!! Tell! Tell!

I'm coming back tonight to catch up...haven't visited in forever!

Nikki said...

Did you ever find the cause of the smell? Hate when that happens!