Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quite the hectic day!

Zac - The Little Cutie

Pam and the little dudes (Garrett and Zac) came over this morning. Zac started gymnastics and couldn't have been happier. He's just about the cutest thing on the planet. I may have to borrow a picture from Pam's blog just to prove it to you! The kids swam while I got ready for Crack and Snack and Garrett and Abby traded off going to gymnastics. It sure is nice that it's three houses away. I'm so spoiled!!! Thanks Pam for keeping an I on them while I ditched you for my back crack!
Garret - Abby's Bestest Friend/Cousin
After crack and snack I brought Bree home with me to play with the girls for a few hours. I cleaned while they played. I feel a little bad that Bree didn't get to swim but her Daddy came to pick her up too soon.!!! Sorry Bree - next time I promise!

Then the girls and I headed out to the thrift store to find Abby a tennis racket. We ended up going to three different thrift stores until we found ......not a tennis racket but a racket ball racket. Whatever, she's 5 - it fits her better than a big ol' honkin' tennis racket. Plus Cass and I made it seem all cool and awesome so she would like it. It worked and now they are playing "tennis" in the backyard.

I have to say, I love the thrift store. You never know what you will find. It's always an adventure. I didn't buy anything exciting. Oh wait....yes I did. I bought two cute new summer skirts to wear with a t-shirt and flip-flops. They were $2.99. What a steal! I'll have to take a picture of those too and show you. I will have to start doing what Kristi does over at Everything is Pink. She goes shopping but instead of buying things she doesn't need but would love to have she takes a picture of it. She says it's just as good. I don't know about that but it's worth a try. Today I would have taken a picture of a really awesome hutch that would have been SO cute painted white, some polka dot rain boots, a very cool frame that also would have been cool painted white. (I may have to go back for that one)and a bunny hutch. I wanted it - badly!!!!

We then came home to find our package of Old Navy swim suits had arrived while we were gone. I ordered the girls some shorts and suits online because they were having a $10 swim suit sale with FREE shipping! I loved it. They had a TON of suits I had never seen in the store and every size I needed. Perfection! The girls were so thrilled we had to go swimming. At.........8:30pm. I'll have to remember how nice it is to sit out there after dark- it's not hot and feels soooo good! Plus it wore the little chickens out! Bedtime was a cinch.

Oh I can't forget that we headed over to Sonic for our Free Root Beer Float. Did you get yours? It was crowded but didn't take long. In fact.........the carhops were rolling around with glow-in-the-dark-necklaces and trays filled with root beer floats. They had it down to a science. We pulled up and were handed our treat before we were even in line! Awesome!!!

I'm off to bed after this crazy day. My body is sore from getting cracked and I have my little bowl of pills I need to go take before I can slip into dreamland. Hope your day was just as fun as mine!


Cindy said...

Your day sounds so stinkin' FUN!! I love that you can go to thrift stores and find treasures! I've ALWAYS loved that about you! I wish we were closer so that I could go with you and you could find treasures for me that I don't realize are treasures until you point them out an tell me how wonderful they are! :o) I miss that!!

Cindy said...

OH -- and how did you know O.N. had $10 swimsuits!!?? I'm on their e-mail list and I never heard a word!! I would have been all over those things! Sheesh! Next time - let me in on the O.N. secret sales! :o)

Becca said...

What a fun day. Swimming sounds fun. Would you believe it is 55 degrees out right now and raining....might even snow a little tomorrow night. What happened to SUMMER?