Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun Friday

This week for Fun Friday we went to the AZ Science Center. The kids had a BALL!!! We also got a group rate which was very helpful. Normally kids are $10 and adults are $12. We got everyone in for $6 each. BONUS!!! I love when we can get a Dealy-O! (You need 15+ people to get the group rate)
Here are the kids at the Lego Exhibit.
WOW was that cool!
If you have a kid into Lego's and don't want to make the trek to Lego Land
then this is the place for you!
Bring a book and you could be there for hours with happy children!
We all had a grand time laying on a bed of nails!!!! Scared????
Cassidy loved how she could hoist herself up this rope.
I wasn't sure about the different age groups going.
We had 6th graders down to Kinders.
I shouldn't have had a second thought!
Each one of them had a GRAND time including me!
I love Abby's fave - GRRRRRRR!!!!!
The kids had so much fun doing Tug-O-War,
the Body Exhibit, learning about Nutrition, and much, much more.

My favorite part was when I was sitting at this table trying to figure out those metal puzzle things and this older guy was standing there so I asked him if he knew how to do the puzzle. Well that got him going on the puzzle when his friend came over and started on another one. Then another older guy (I'm talking cute Grandpa's here) and said he was an engineer and had done them before and would try. I had so much fun sitting watching these intelligent Grandpa guys try and do these kids puzzles. Their brains were WORKING folks! I could see the wheels turning. I was totally entertained. (plus I had a nice long sit down rest!)
Don't get me wrong - I had so much fun playing with my kids. We did three whole floor of science and it didn't even feel like learning - just fun! Definitely a must do for summer! Put it on your list!!!

After we left the Science Center we headed to Mary Coyles Icecream Parlor for lunch. We invaded the place with all our kids (14 and 5 adults). Luckily we didn't have too many stare downs and no one was offended that we were there. One lady said she was a teacher and our kids made her miss her classroom. All together now -" Ahhhhh- how sweet!"

We had sandwiches and salads and then..........we had ice cream! Now most of you know that Mindy, Monica and I can't eat dairy. We are allergic. Funny thing is we all react differently when we eat dairy. On this day we didn't care, we were hungry, at an old fashioned ice cream parlor and we were going to EAT!!!! So the kids got cones of fabulous flavors and Brooke, Michelle, Mindy, Monica and I got three FAT-DADDY SUNDAES!!! And we ate them ALL!!! I have to say - it was worth it. Seriously! (I will spare you the details of my symptoms - wink)

Fun Friday#1 = Success!!!

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Crazymamaof6 said...

looks totally fun!

too funny you are all allergic to milk products. me too. it's NOT GOOD. but i continue to eat it. and deal with the consequences.